I was told to take away the whammy bar and set the two screws (the ones that hold the springs in position) in order to have the bridge parallel to the body. The side walls lock your saddles in … Just did this with an offbrand guitar I had lost the springs to while painting it, sounds better than my PRS, Jackson and B.C Rich. A Ground Connection connects every piece of metal on your guitar and acts as a return path to the amp. If the guitar has a floating bridge (held only in place be string forces) it may have been moved; it will have to be relocated to the correct position. Are you still able to use a whammy bar after this? Classical? The bridge is found on the lower bout of the guitar body and placesthe string over either by pickups (for electric guitars) or a sound hole (on anacoustic guitar) before it reaches the fretboard. If your bridge is floating or raised off the body, keep an eye on how it’s behaving as you proceed. From experience we all know that, when using this setup, the use of the tremolo causes the guitar to go out of tune. Pull the string out of the peg. Check that there's nothing wrong with the bridge, make sure it's locking properly, etc. Most floating bridges are extremely comfortable for your picking hand, as they have flatter surfaces to rest the side of your palm. For those conventional acoustic bass guitar or even the short scale bass guitar, they are usually a fixed bridge guitar. You might find ashtray bridges, almost used exclusively with Telecaster shape guitars, will dig into the side of your hand. 11 years ago The bridge limits longitudinal movement of the string, meaning the strings maintain stability when performing bends and vibrato. What sort of bridge? Description The Hipshot Fixed Bridge is the ultimate marriage of performance, beauty and ergonomics. I measured how far the bridge sat from the top of the cavity and marked it onto the lock. Install floating bridge pickup for mandolin or archtop guitar $65 Install banjo pickup with flange-mounted output jack $55 . A mistreated and poorly working tremolo is a major pain in the butt and in a live situation, it can be hell on earth. If your guitar has a blade-style bridge base plate that only has two outer screws below the E strings, you will raise these up so the entire base plate will lift off of the body when the block is removed. In general, there is no best guitar bridge, and they all offer their pros and cons. I know the "didn't feel like taking it all apart again just to take a couple pictures" feeling! Guitar Fixed Bridges You seem to be on a mobile device. I have a 2005 Gretsch 6120. Some hardtails are hit or miss in terms of comfort. Continue this until the bridge remains in place while the guitar is in tune. this is basically called hard-tailing a guitar and can be done easier by getting a wedge and sticking it between the cavity of the trem and the body of the guitar i do this to most of my tremlo guitars cuz i never use it. Privacy Policy. I simply peel off a strip of tape for each foot of the bridge, stick it on, and then place the bridge back in it’s original position against the blue tape. 10 years ago. The stainless steel saddles have a crisp string relief edge, eliminating dull tones. You can’t do big bends without them going drastically out of tune, especially on guitars with poorly made hardware – much like fixed bridges. Unlike those guitars, the floating bridge guitars allow you to ‘bend’ the sound by virtue of the fact that the bridge itself is movable. Acoustic? Modding Question: floating tremolo system to fixed bridge - posted in Guitar Q & A: Though I'm currently trying to sell it, I'm considering the possibilities just in case it doesn't sell. One involves “blocking” the bridge by wedging a wood block between the trem system and the body of the guitar. The Stewart-MacDonald Bridge Fitting Jig is for use with a two-piece "floating" bridge for an archtop guitar or mandolin. ... who had someone fix his stripped JT-590 with Heli-Coils. I so have to try this. For the most part this is because after diving the trem bar the bridge does not go back to the middle. Each bridge is hand polished for a smooth, comfortable feel under your palm. Then i found a drill bit closest to the size of the bridge (closer you are, the less filing you will have to do!) From there, they developed into six saddles – one for each string. Double locking tremolos will keep your guitar stable and in tune almost for as long as you use the strings. Mal’s big guide to guitar setup and troubleshooting. Bridges that also sit quite high above the body can become uncomfortable after a long time playing. As with most things in the guitar world, highly rated systems are usually pricier. Open yourself to alternate tunings on the fly. On many electric guitars, a floating bridge may have a steel bridge that is much like one mounted directly into the top of other types of guitars but which is mounted into a wooden base that safely rests on the guitar’s … Before we get started, I would like to apologize for using the word tremolo in this article, when describing a floating locking bridge on an electric guitar. When you buy an electric guitar, the choice between a fixed bridge and a floating bridge is a major factor. Floating bridges have an additional feature, the tremolo arm, which allows you to change the pitch of the strings by bending or pulling on it.