Then fill a cup with hot water and place your thermometer in the cup of hot water. For the A knob, the temperature is 130 degrees. If you want to increase the water heater thermostat(s) setting(s), install thermostatic mixing valves at each point of use. The water heater comes with a sophisticated, advanced Honeywell Water Heater thermostat/valve that provides continuous monitoring of the water temperature and turning on and off the gas accordingly – all without battery. Water Heater Settings A,B,C – Do you have a water heater in your home? Small bore pipes and long distances will require longer times for the hot water to reach the opening, for example, and pipes that run beneath or outside the home may be subject to winter or summer conditions. tank. U When you are going to clean the sediment on the bottom of the tank. Setting the water to a higher temperature increases the risk of scalding. The temperature-pressure relief valve is not intended for the constant relief of thermal expansion. Let me state I was not "schooled" in what I give as my answer. If you are worried about it, turn it up to 140 for an hour or two a week, then back down to 120. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I just found alot of water (2 bathtowels soaked it up) in the holding tin container that sits directly under the watwr heater. Electric. In the rare chance any bacteria makes it to an outlet, only a tiny percentage of individuals even have the possibility of getting Legionairres (and they have to inhale the hot water or steam in a shower). If your water heater is set too high, you will be paying the price in your energy bill each month. Check make sure the 2 elements are set to same temp. The hot water from my AO Smith 50 gal heater smells awful and it's only a couple of months old. Instead, the thermostat is marked with temperatures or heating ranges. Locate the water heater's circuit breaker and turn it OFF (or remove the circuit's fuses). Is there something we could do. And like another commenter said, we drink the cold water anyway. Smith offers a wide range of water heaters. Learn More . The thermostat(s) on this water heater have been factory set to 120°F to reduce the risk of scald injury. Afterwards, you need to check the temperature and the pressure as well. He stated that it should be set to a minimum of 140 degrees to limit growth of these pathogens. Personally, I believe a water heater should be. This is especially important with solar water heaters. For the B knob, the temperature which has been determined is 140 degrees. Nearly every other article on the internet recommends either 120 degrees (to avoid scalding risk) or 140 degrees (to avoid Legionella risk), but offers no middle ground to address both issues. If you don’t notice a difference in water temperature after adjusting the thermostat, it’s also possible you may have a faulty thermostat that needs replacing. 2 yrs. The A-B-C knob on a residential gas water heater usually equals 130-140-150 degrees if properly calibrated. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If the relieving point of the water heater’s temperature-pressure relief valve is reached, the valve will relieve the excess pressure. Smith electric water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Replace the insulation and panels, then restore power. Only the hot water smells bad. This is a 50 gal powervent with no pilot. there is a lot of very interesting and well conceived information here. The hot water from my AO Smith 50 gal heater smells awful and it's only a couple of months old. Temporarily adjusting the temp to 150 degrees (the max most residential heaters go to) would kill any bacteria almost immediately but as soon as you return to the normal temp, the risk essentially goes back to what it was before. A.O. In the case of the video’s water heater, A, B and C each have an increase of about 10 degrees. Shop by Popular Models. Most hot water heaters have a A-B-C knob. Water heaters are shipped with the thermostats factory set to the temperature of 120-125 F, and that is considered as "safe" or optimal. But burn rates haven't declined much, so … You’d have hot water at the start, but as soon as you start using it, cold water is refilled back into the tank. Industry-leading water heaters available in natural gas and propane. Increase Water Temperature With Caution The default temperature setting on an A.O. The companies use A, B, C, etc. Thats why the blue/red plastic color markers are are on the tank! (I have pics of the thermastate). Thermostat Parts Valve & Float Parts. I bought mine from Lowes Hardware. Different brands of gas water heater control valves may have different labels. The most common temperature for residential homes is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Although I’ve done a lot of ground work/research … my questions are as follows: See: Oil. A is the 130 degrees mark. It also shows the actual temperature of water inside the water heater as well as the electricity consumed in units. Is it the relief valve or themostat or both? Of course the problem is scalding at that temperature, which is certainly a problem. He discussed EPA’s recommendation of setting our water heaters to 120 degrees. If the sun is not sufficient, the Premix gas burner (as in the condensing water heater) will assist to meet the need. However, you may have no clear information about it, don’t you? • On the commercial control all six LEDs are yellow. Miscellaneous Parts Motor Parts Sensor & Thermistor Parts Switch Parts. WARNING DO NOT INSTALL THIS WATER HEATER DIRECTLY ON A CARPETED FLOOR. Again, if you want a safe setting, you should choose a setting which has temperature at 120 degrees. Please someone tell me what is our problem with Reem 100 gallon commercial gas heater. The safety valve is designed to automatically relieve pressure and discharge water in case the pressure overshoots the preset limits. Also the floor under the container is wet and the heater has no feet. Note page 19 figure 19A, the setting shown are off, vacation, low, hot, A, B, C and very hot in that order. Oftentimes, water heaters will have additional options to either lower or increase the temperature of the water inside. Your water heater accounts for about 18 percent of your home’s energy bill. Gas water heaters have a setting knob that can be turned to adjust the temperature. For instance, the water heater settings abc is the most common setting which you can check on your water heater. Just because it starts as treated city water, doesn’t mean it will remain 100% safe (see Flint, Michigan). Tankless. Remove the access panels. Water heaters are set from the factory to heat water to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Locate the thermostat adjustment beneath the insulation. into water heater. You drink cold water anyway. Here, when you already implemented these methods, we can say that your water heater will have a longer life. Water heaters are set from the factory to heat water to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That could be your problem. The thermostat determines the maximum water temperature setting. To accurately find the hot water heater temperature, you will need a cup and a cooking thermometer. The thermostat(s) on this water heater have been factory set to 120°F to reduce the risk of scald injury. 01 - Gas Valve and Thermostat Assembly. Star rated water heater as per BEE standard; Warranty: 5-year warranty on … Turn off the circuit breaker. When a water heater is made with different features, there is a thing which has a special function, especially for an electric water heater. The cold water comes straight from the lines, and doesn’t sit in a tank for such a long time. Common solutions for: AO Smith Water heater too hot. How old is the unit? Users can select the set temperature within the range of 25°C to 75°C and an input mode of 1kW, 2 kW or 3kW. Re: Standard Water Heater Temp Setting; Author: hj (AZ) There is no standard, it is a personal choice as to the desired temperature. 3/ Thru my research I’ve discovered that it is Hydrogen Sulfide. Smith has developed 2 different gas solar water heater products for this. Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by nydiyer, Dec 2, 2020 at 11:30 PM. Common solutions for: AO Smith Water heater too hot. Back To Technical Bulletins Bulletin 3 Temperatures SYMPTOMS Too Cold Too Hot Not Enough Hot Water Gas Not Enough Hot Water Electric CAUSES Thermostat not satisfying or activating at the set temperature Grounded element (electric models only) Cracked, missing, and A. O. Smith. Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, the default temperature set from the factory will be between 120ºF to 140ºF. Water Treatment. Page 6 INTELLI-VENT TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE INTELLI-VENT™ SPECIFICATIONS INTELLI-VENT™ … As the inventor of a patented glass coating process, A.O. I have a friend who replaced his own hot water heater but installed it backwards! nydiyer New Member. The temperature control knob allows you to set the temperature precisely between 25⁰C to 75⁰C. Sounds like a thermostat issue if the calibration is off by more than +/- 10 degrees. It’s on warm. Great question. Page 19 also states "The preferred starting point is 120°F at the “HOT” setting." These must be equipped with an after heater that keeps the water above 60˚C for at least 1 hour per week. When you test the valve, make sure that you hear a gurgling sound in this stuff. iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform Stay connected to the water heaters you install to monitor your water heaters remotely and adjust temperatures and settings. View and Download A. O. Smith SACE-01-M100501-000 instruction manual online. There is much to be learned about how things were in this report, only problem is finding out how each company is programming now. OWNER ONLY. The water was 2 3/4″ up the tank. • The water heater and/or pipes are located in an area with high ambient temperatures (e.g., an attic). A.O. ... Avoid setting your water heater to a temperature higher than 120 °F (49 °C). This does not heat water, but keeps the pilot light ignited. On the majority of gas water heaters, the lower temperature range will be somewhere around 90–110 °F (32–43 °C), while the upper range will top out at around 140–150 °F (60–66 °C). Ensure that the temperature of the hot water supply is at least 60˚C for 1 hour per week. Commercial applications are a bit different that residential. Whether it’s a gas, electric or tankless water heater, the inventive minds at A. O. Smith have you covered. Use the labels as a starting point but measure the actual temperature at the closest hot water faucet if you want to be most precise. Also, make sure elements working. 3. 1- Temperature setting is at B, but water temperature is over 160. He would only get minimal hot water after a lengthy wait! “R” Value is a measure of the resistance of a substance to heat flow. Hot water heater settings are easy to adjust, although electric heaters will require a screwdriver and possibly a small wrench or socket. Which means, the choice is hot setting. For the A knob, the temperature is 130 degrees. Place a thermometer in a glass of hot water, ours reads 130 degrees recommended for baths, dishwashers. 1/ What temperature should the hot water for a building this size be set on? Model RG12-5H55DV 200, serial # 20412121430460. Keep in mind that the thermostat is factory preset to a recommended temperature and changing the setting may increase the potential for serious burns. What is wrong? If the hot water feels lukewarm to the touch after readjusting the temperature setting, the A.O. It sets off the danger of scalding, which increases with age, and with such conditions as peripheral neuropathy, common in people suffering for many diseases, among which one can count diabetes, in which sensation of hot temperatures can be lessen enough to produce large, and deep scalding burns, serious enough! These systems have been developed in such a way that the starting point is … The bottom of a water heater tank is breeding ground for bacteria , especially the type that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. Learn More. Water heaters are factory set at OSHA recommended levels, around 140 degrees. Setting the water to a higher temperature increases the risk of scalding. How should this be addressed? If you have one, this may be very helpful for you. I initially had to replace the lower element due to limescale. Gas and electric water heater temperatures are set at the factory, but can be adjusted for your own preferences with only a couple of tools. Troubleshooting an A.O. Step 3: Turn Power Off. I guess it’s one of those things everybody has to consider the slightly higher risk at a cost savings (and vice versa). The dial on your gas water heater may not be numbered, which can make finding the perfect temperature a … B is the 140 degrees mark. This may take a minute or so after power has been turned on. The tank booster you mentioned is a good solution to prevent scalding if setting the water heater temp higher as well as making hot water last longer. Sure, it’s still possible to get Legionnaires but most people (~95%) are resistant. So in 10 degree increments after hot A=130, B=140 and C=150. Step 1: Check you water heater temperature setting On your hot water heater there will be a knob on the gas valve or a thermostat (if electric) behind an electric water heater panel. The last is do a mini flush. For the B knob, the temperature which has been determined is 140 degrees. An example might be that a water heater has a recovery rate of 30 gallons of water per hour at 80 degree F. (Fahrenheit) temperature rise. Shop by AO Smith Water Heater Parts. Appliance Repair School 1987-1988 Star Appliance Tech. C is the 150 degrees mark. Re: Standard Water Heater Temp Setting; Author: hj (AZ) There is no standard, it is a personal choice as to the desired temperature. See also “Attic Installations” on page 23. The thermostat(s) on this water heater have been factory set to 120°F to reduce the risk of scald injury. The AO Smith blended resistive with different set points for activation with the HP and resolved draw down demand with an 80 gal. To determine if the thermostat is defective, assess hot water temperature from the nearest faucet. Smith maintains its leading position in the market. The anode rod is stuck. It allows me to keep my water heater at 140 degrees but will mix the water exiting the tank with cold water so that my hot water can be delivered to my tap at 120 degrees to prevent scalding. Light, medium and heavy-duty models in a variety of configurations. Higher temperatures increase the risk of scalding, but even at 120°F, hot water can scald in a matter of minutes. I live in a 22/unit Condo Association and about a year ago, we got a new hot water heater (Rheem-Ruud Universal Commercial Gas Water Heater). GCV40-200 GCV40-201 GCV50-200 GCVH30 GCVT40 … Is there any tip for maintaining a water heater? 120 degrees is sometimes labeled “Hot” or with a little triangle icon. What Is The Best Water Heater Temperature Setting? The bacteria cannot live at temperatures above 60˚C. Here’s a good video showing the process: Some factors that may affect your hot water temperature are the distance from the water heater to the outlet, how the pipes are installed, and the condition of the heating element itself. If the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level, the thermal cut-out cuts off the power supply to assure safety. Thermal Cutout. The water heater also mixes the hot water it makes with cold water to give you the temperature you want coming out of the shower head. The bacteria cannot live at temperatures above 60˚C. Reading this made me think of a recent lecture I attended. Consequently, OSHA recommends the minimum water heater outlet temperature in residential systems to be set at 130 degrees F to produce a faucet temperature of at … © Copyright 2020 HOME TIPS - All Rights Reserved, SITEMAP • CONTACT US • PRIVACY POLICY • DISCLAIMER. 130ºF IS THE BEST TEMPERATURE TO SET YOUR WATER HEATER as it will reduce the risk of scalding while showering but also be hot enough to meet your dishwasher and … Warranty Check & Product Cross-Reference Find the warranty status for an A. O. Smith water heater and get replacement suggestions based on the current brand and model. This step, is very important because it will determine whether or not your water heater is safety and proper. If the thermostat is defective, the water temperature may not be set at the proper level. I have had it for more than a decade. In most cases, here’s what each label means: Sometimes there is a “Vacation” setting. As a leader, we refuse to sit quietly. The entire water heating package shall be prewired to solderless terminal lugs, factory tested, complete with ASME temperature and pressure relief valve. One simple way around this is to take the temperature of the water a few times after altering your settings, then tag the exact degree reading or mark it on the dial itself.