Fan will now turn off. - G3. The cooling fan should come on immediately or within the next couple of minutes. Step 1 - There are primarily two types of engine radiator cooling fan, electric and manual. © LTD 2021 All Rights Reserved. Temperature will often determine the time that a radiator fan starts up. If it does kick in then your low speed fan resistor has failed. Keeping noise levels down is important, but should always come second to keeping your system safe. Never seen the fan kick in on my 1.7 and I was bleeding the cooling system at the time and then decided to see if it would kick in, waited 45 Ish minutes after the blessing was done still no fan and the fuse and relays are fine, ( I know the thermo opens at 93c only ever seen the engine get to that temp once) I will of course check to see if the radiator fan comes on when i start the car in the morning when cold to rule anything else out ( as i've never know of a radiator cooling fan to come on when engine cold ) Find the answer to this and other Vauxhall questions on JustAnswer. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. An electric fan SHOULD NOT run all the time. Radiators can basically use any fan. The fan’s job is to keep the radiator fluid/water mixture cool while you drive. If you notice your vehicle is overheating or at the very least running hotter than it normally does, listen for the fan to see if you can hear it. No Whirring Noise from the Engine Bay. Required fields are marked *. Rising Temperature Gauge. Asked by day2 in Elkton, MD on . Question - Cooling fan running all the time. Once the temp gets so hot, the ECU commands the radiator fan to come on. The fan deffo wasn't on when I turned the engine off. This ensures the vehicle receives the proper diagnosis and repairs. 1.9cdti mine reaches 100 and still no fan :o. The average cost for a radiator fan motor replacement is between $634 and $789. Should the radiator cooling fan always run when the a/c is on? If you notice your vehicle is overheating or at the very least running hotter than it normally does, listen for the fan to see if you can hear it. If your coolant level is low there is a chance that you will get air in the system … If so, I changed the low speed rad fan relay and it still won't run with a/c until the engine thermostat turns it on. The second is the fan switch itself, the sensor which tells the relay when to activate the fan. Also I put my hand on the hose that leads up to the thermostat housing and that was cool. Doc Motor Works Auto Repair is located in Shorewood, Illinois – just West of Joliet IL and I-55. When adjusting your fan speeds you must make sure that, at … This time turn on the ignition for a little longer and then t urn it off. Is it normal for car fan to run constantly? Call Doc Motor Works at 815-577-3893. Cooling fans stay on at all times. To avoid a further rise of temperature, the. Your vehicle's cooling system is crucial to its performance, and every time your engine overheats, you cause damage. If you need to confirm if it’s in working order or not, you should turn on your engine and let your vehicle idle. Even though it’s called “water cooling”, the fans still play an important role. On older vehicle models, just wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the engine to reach operating temperature. Your radiator fan should kick in at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the compressor is running long enough to build heat in the high side of the system, and the cooling fans don’t turn on, I would begin finding the fan relays and add power to the appropriate circuit to see if the fans turn on at all. Can a bad thermostat cause radiator fan not to work? If there’s an issue with the relay, the fan will be affected. It will also turn the fan off once the engine has cooled to under 200 degrees. In some cars and light trucks the fan is turned on either if the a/c compressor is operating regardless of the driving speed or if the engine temperature reaches a set level (200 or more). Unplug the electrical connector for the cooling fan motor located on the bottom of the fan motor. If it’s not working, the fan won’t turn on when it needs to, which means the engine might overheat. Defective fan relay. Normal voltage for a radiator fan is around 12 volts. It may cause the fan to cut in and out, or not … Some fans and cases even come with manual switches for basic fan … Faster fans move more air, but slower fans are much quieter. To check the temperature at which the fan comes on, turn the A/C off and keep the engine running until it reaches normal operating temperature. The coolant may not be moving due to a water pump problem, blockage in the radiator or hoses, or a stuck valve, i.e., the “thermostat” in the coolant line. In older cars, this typically takes about 15-20 minutes for the engine to reach the right temperature. The fan turns on to circulate additional air. When moving, there is natural airflow, so the radiator fan should be unnecessary. No, only comes on when the coolant is too hot. Many people blame the fan motor as the reason why the fan doesn’t run, but as we discussed above, it could be the thermometer or fan switch. Neighboring communities include; Plainfield, Romeoville, Lockport, Channahon, Minooka, Plattville, Rockdale, Crest Hill, Millsdale, Fairmont, Preston Heights and surrounding Joliet communities of Troy Township and Will County, Illinois. You may have noticed your vehicle’s grille has holes or slats in it that open directly into the engine. The cooling unit seems to have 3 relays in it, feeding the fan motor via a resistor pack, presumably to give 3 different speeds. July 04, 2015. Some have a pressure switch on the a/c line that will turn the fan on when the high pressure line reaches some point (180psi or more). Even when engine cold. If your fan isn’t running, or it doesn’t turn on until it’s too late, it’s best to have the radiator system inspected. This time the fan … And I turned the ignition back on to see if the fan powered up. Our family owned car and truck repair service shop is on Rt-59 (north of I-80 and Rt-52) between Walmart and Target. Answer. A manual fan is connected to the engine drive pulleys and is controlled by a thermo fan clutch which senses radiator heat and engages when the engine is running at higher temperatures. The engine temperature should trigger the fan to turn on. 1 reply Report. Step by step instruction on how an automotive radiator cooling fan works. If the belt/viscous clutch fan is moving enough air (assuming your car has auto transmission), electric fan won't run. To avoid a further rise of temperature, the fan induces air flow. At higher coolant temperatures, the switch closes to start the cooling fans. Hey All, Can someone answer for me: [2002 Focus SE wagon, 2.0 Zetec] I'm having an engine overheating issue, and cooling fans are not turning on (I think). When the radiator fan stops working, the coolant does not cool down. Try this one, fan runs on when engine is stopped. - Chevrolet 2008 Hhr question If you need a reminder or you just skipped the first class, here is an article that covers the basics about why is liquid cooling superior to plain old air cooling. Your engine temperature sensor is responsible for relaying your engine temp to the ECU. The length of time cycling on and off seems to correlate to the temperature. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies as described in … You can figure out the rest. This comprehensive cooling system prevents the engine damage associated with overheating, and as an aside, the fan itself can also fail. The first is the fan relay, which due to age or corrosion will stop switching the fan on and off. 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Most fans should come on when the coolant reaches about 200 to 230 degrees. Use the volt meter to test if there is power to the wires. If the fans do not come on and the engine overheats turn off the engine. Doc Motor Works Auto Repair 18600 S. State Route 59, Shorewood, Illinois 60404. Turn the air conditioning to the maximum setting – this should spark the cooling fan to immediately come on. The cooling fan relay is normally located in either the underhood fuse and relay center or mounted to the electric fan assembly behind the radiator. You may have heard of a part called the radiator fan switch or temperature fan switch. If the relay shorts internally, it may cause power to be permanently switched on, … The radiator fan turns on at cold startup. If, for example, you’re stuck in traffic, you will not have enough air circulating over the radiator to cool the fluid and engine. Will insurance cover a stolen catalytic converter? Yes, you can drive your car without a radiator fan, but you never should. Herein, how do I know if my radiator fan is bad? What temperature should the radiator fan come on? The radiator fan makes a noticeable sound when it operates. If you get the on at 185 and off at 165 when the coolant got to 185 the fan would come on to assist and this is what would be recommended. We serve customers in Plainfield, IL, as well as Shorewood. Your email address will not be published. Operating the fan is a decision with many variables, and in a well-designed system it happens when hot outside and not moving, and perhaps after a delay (the radiator doesn't get hot immediately). The answer by Jason was: Part number 91064028 has options for fan turn on and off and with the 170 degree thermostat the hot coolant will enter the radiator at 170 and in many cases may cool the engine to this temperature without the fan running. You need to get the temp up to about 116 degrees to see if the high speed fan to kicks in. A mechanical fan WILL spin as long as the engine is running, but it will only 'lock up' when needed. Can you serve someone by email in California? This is because the engine needs air to keep it at the optimal temperature. ¿Cuáles son los 10 mandamientos de la Biblia Reina Valera 1960? On most modern cars, the cooling fan is controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which gets a signal from the coolant temperature sensor. Also know, are radiator fans supposed to run all the time? Simple aftermarket fix, about £20 for all … Now, what that means is that the car might be getting too hot too quickly if you feel that the fan is coming on too soon. To check an electric radiator fan, start the car and let it get up to the temperature where the fan normally kicks on. Click to see full answer. Then, the fan should come on. Labor costs are estimated between $102 and $130 while parts are priced between $532 and $659. Engines generate an enormous amount of heat and as a result are subjected to very large temperature swings if this switch does not operate effectively. If your HHR has a bad engine temp sensor the radiator fan won’t know to come … Turn ignition back on, do not start the engine. Engine Cooling Fan The fan will then cycle on and off as needed to maintain the proper coolant temperature. It is what sends the signal for the fan. Also, most cars will run the fans at a high speed if the A/C is turned on. A common problem vehicles experience is a cooling fan that doesn't kick on and off when it's supposed to. So, The fan runs mostly at idle or low speed when the engine is at normal temperature. My cooling fan starts immediately when I start the car even though it is cold and stays on until the engine is shut off. A temperature-sensitive switch functions to turn the fan on and off periodically. To get your cooling fan relay replaced, you will pay, on average, $80-$160, depending on the type of car you have and the mechanic's fees. Any clues for determining fault would be appreciated. As andyl says, Fuse F35 provides power to the Engine Cooling Unit & Fan. What is internal and external criticism of historical sources? Radiator fans are designed to start when the temperature of the engine coolant reaches around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. What is the aurora borealis called in the Southern Hemisphere? Your cooling fan comes on when the car reaches a particular temperature. Both radiator fans should always run when the AC compressor is engaged. What temp should the fans come on at? See your "what's this wire for" thread for an explanation of the coolant temp sensor found in the radiator. The fan turning on is normal and a consequence of the hot coolant, not a cause. Should it have got warm? They should come on automatically shortly after the thermostat opens. Insufficient Coolant. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Yes, the radiator and coolant inside of it also prevent the engine from overheating, but the fan, too, plays a crucial role. If you don’t hear your fan turning on, don’t assume that’s the case, however, and rush out to the auto parts store to buy a new one. It … cooling fan does not come on 2008 HHR 1800 miles temp is running around 198. have not heard or seen the fan come on. The labor should cost around $70, while parts should run you $10-$50. Most fans should come … If the cooling fans are staying on at all times, this is another (less common) symptom of a possible problem with the cooling fan relay. Likewise, why does my radiator fan turn on and off? This can lead to overheating, especially when the vehicle is at a stop, where there is no forward motion by the vehicle to pass air over the radiator. If you can’t and it doesn’t turn on eventually, Doc Motor Works can repair or replace it to keep your engine’s cooling system operating at peak efficiency. The fan relay controls the power to the cooling fan. If you now turn ignition off immediately, you will now see that the fan will come back on again. I've never seen it come on when the a/c is off but that doesn't mean it doesn't. How to Check a Radiator Fan Determine whether your radiator fan is manual or electric. This will require a wiring diagram. The grille cannot draw enough air through most of the time, which is why you have a radiator fan. Also when putting the air con on, it kicks in the fan and goes off when air con is turn off so that seems to be working fine also. We use cookies to improve your experience. cooling fans The answer to your question is yes both fans will run when your at 230 degrees, if you have the parking lights on and your at 212 degrees one fan will come on, and when you have the air conditioning on you have one fan on as well. This cycles on and off for about a few minutes. 3. The trigger is the thermostat in the radiator of your vehicle. A cooling fan relay is used on vehicles that have an electrical fan to cool the engine. This is linked to a thermostat and works much like your home’s HVAC system. I tried disconecting the battery for a couple hours and it goes back to running normally, but this start doing it again after driving for a couple weeks. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Both radiator fans should always run when the coolant temperature sensor in the bottom tank of the radiator reaches about 212*F. It can be normal for the cooling fans to run constantly under certain conditions. If the thermostat is stuck open (allowing coolant to flow) it can cause the engine to run cooler than normal so obviously the fan wouldn't come on..but not like the engine/coolant can be running too hot and the thermostat somehow effects the sensor reading or operation of the fan. What are the names of Santa's 12 reindeers? Any time the coolant temperature rises to higher than normal levels, the fan will start and continue to run until coolant temperature returns to a normal range. What are the symptoms of a faulty cooling fan switch? This article pertains to all vehicles. I have a 2000 Boxster S, and after completing the heater box foam repair and properly purging cooling system I noticed that my radiator fans did not come on when operating temp was reached, but they do work when AC is in operation. If the a/c button is on than the chances are the fan will be on as well, even if a/c is off the fan should still come on only when it needs. Several symptoms may point to a bad or failing thermo coolant fan switch. The cooling fan relay essentially functions as the switch for the engine's cooling fans, and is therefore an important electrical component of the vehicle's cooling system. Torque app was showing 98c and the fans didn't come on. It is not constant on, it runs at high speed (full blast) for about 3 seconds and then off. Engine overheating. Depending on the wiring setup of the vehicle, this may cause them to stay on even when the vehicle is off, which will drain the battery. How much does it cost to build a 24x30 pole barn? Your radiator fan should kick in at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Observe the cooling fans. I noticed the fan would come on for around 5 mins then off again for a few mins, turning off and on fairly randomly. How much does it cost to fix a radiator fan? On vehicles with air conditioning, rising refrigerant pressures will also activate the cooling fans. It hadn't. If the car is hot enough, they may be barely keeping up with demand and stay on. Should either of these parts fail – the thermostat or the switch – your radiator fan will not turn on or off and this spells serious trouble. With a compatible motherboard or a fan controller, though, you should be able to adjust your fans’ speed for the perfect balance, so this won’t matter as much. The reason why this spells serious trouble is the radiator fan keeps your engine cool. When it's cool enough i just turn it off and roll the windows down for awhile. 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