Learn more about each type of cow below! What does your perfect cow look like? --> They can vary from a light gray or tan to a dark fawn or nearly black shade. The nymphs, or immature stages, resemble the adults but are smaller. It was reported to be purebred for nearly 600 years. Lice are small, flat-bodied insects with legs modified for grasping hairs. The $64,000 Question: How Does Raw Milk Taste? All things considered, it looks like Holly is needing some TLC. Brown Swiss are larger than Jerseys, and slightly smaller than Holsteins, though some may argue that Brown Swiss are around the same size. Early records indicate the breed was brought to America in 1657 by the early settlers. Hi there! Jersey cows are outstanding milk producers, producing more milk per each pound of body weight than other types of bovines. Come to find out I knew even less than I thought. A jersey cow is a mixed breed and don't have a hump.