Canadian retailer The Bay has also confirmed that it had also discontinued sales of Ahava products., Following on from the Russell Tribunal London session, a seminar by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights ask what can lawyers in the UK do to ensure corporations complicit in violations of international law be held to account. Academia is not innocent.. Israel in red, Palestinian-majority territories in pink. No one was available to comment from Sephora or LVMH at the time of publishing. Twenty-six former European Union leaders, including the EU�s former top diplomat, Javier Solana, issued a letter last week calling for boycotts and sanctions targeting Israel due to settlement construction. Leading British retail business John Lewis is now refusing to stock this toxic brand. Haifa University boasts one of the most racist academics in Israel who relentlessly and influentially provides academic justification for ethnic cleansing. The ruckus came after an Israeli Instagram user responded Monday to a Sephora advertisement with the innocent question, “Do you ship to Israel? Bar Ilan University not only operates a campus on the illegal colony of Ariel near Nabulas, it has also awarded Sharon an honorary doctorate! Katie Bird, Cosmetics Design Europe28 May 2010. Alert 6th Oct 2017 - Protest Apartheid Bank Leumi - UN Blacklisted Illegal Settlement Profiteer Out Of Our City! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Let her feel it in her pocket. The Hebrew University has been slowly but consistently expropriating land and expelling Palestinian owners in occupied East Jerusalem. Walk around Tel Aviv, and you'll quickly realize that Israel is a bustling, fast-paced, savvy country full of creative people. 2. Skincare company Lush says concerns about the lack of a "mixed" workforce would prevent it opening a store in Israel - but it operates stores in Saudi Arabia. LVMH-owned Sephora has been taken to court by the Palestinian rights organisation CAPJPO-EuroPalestine over the sale of cosmetics brand Ahava, according to press reports. “Palestine” is simply the name of a region, which used to be called “Canaan.” So “Palestinians,” or “Canaanites,” simply means people whose ancestors lived in Canaan / Palestine. We responded as such. I can't find any information past that, other articles asking them to stop selling Ahava etc. Personal observations on a Ziyarat pilgrimage to Iraq in 2019. Lauren Booth, Sami Ramadani & Yvonne Ridley, Editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle. This contrasts with the Israeli cosmetics firm Ahava which has been the subject of an intense boycott campaign because of its use of raw materials pillaged from occupied Palestinian territories and production in illegal Israeli colonies in the occupied West Bank. Sephora USA, Inc. operates as a cosmetics and beauty stores. is sephora pro palestine. Report includes full video. London guerilla projection demands all ten UK factories and offices of Israel's largest arms manufacturer Elbit be shut down. Re: there is no shipping to Israel Hi, Michal7162! 995 likes. Dutch officials have also investigated the products in the past regarding whether Dead Sea Cosmetics, which manufacturers the Ahava products, was benefiting from lower tax tariffs reserved for �Made in Israel� products. The runner up (second place) was Merry Farah, a Palestinian from Beit Jalla. ... chain of beauty stores found itself in hot water June 2 after a customer asked on Instagram whether they ship to Israel.The Journal reached out to Sephora via email asking the company for more information on the situation. This follows in the footsteps of 150 Israeli artists who in 2010 boycotted a new performing arts center in Ariel. The beauty retailer stocks the Ahava range, which according to the association is produced in territories in the West Bank illegally occupied by Israel. Find 2 listings related to Sephora in Palestine on Sephora, a US-based cosmetics and skincare company, has come under fire for stating that it “does not ship to Palestine” when asked if the company ships to Israel. On 1 July 1948, the village was bombarded by Israeli aircraft. Probably Israel’s best-known beauty brand, the Dead Sea powerhouse Ahava (Hebrew for “love”) is always a top choice for all things creamy in Israel. You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. But a week later Positive Luxury hypocritically reinstated De Beers and Forevermark. Ikballe Huduti, a mother of three, who had been tortured and imprisoned in Kosovo simply for writing a facebook post, was released from custody earlier today, following protests outside the Kosovo Embassy in London. Later, the company linked to its shipping policies, and tweeted: “Yesterday Sephora was asked on Instagram if we ship to Israel, and then asked if we ship to Palestine. On 22nd Nov 2019, to commemorate International Children's Day, Inminds held a vigil on the Southbank of the River Thames in London, to demand freedom for Palestinian children caged in Israeli dungeons. Is about time to serve Sephora Shop at home This is not the first time Ahava has been under scrutiny. As Israel works on setting plans for annexation, Palestinian nationalists plan for an armed struggle against Israel. Photo report of protest againt Veolia's sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Veolia is complicit in Israels occupation of the West Bank. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Sephora locations in Palestine, TX. Ahava�s goods, processed on stolen Palestinian land, are becoming too hot to handle. On 31st Jan Inminds and IHRC held a vigil outside the Embassy of Kosovo in London to demand the immediate, unconditional release of Ikballe Huduti, a mother of three, who has been tortured and imprisoned in Kosovo simply for writing a facebook post. Bin Veolia Protest at the Natural History Museum, Jordan Valley - Apartheid and Exploitation [Presentation in House of Commons], Israel's Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics forced out of shopping centres in Ireland and Scotland, BDS Movement Victory: John Lewis Stops Stocking Ahava Products in Britain, Georgetown University - Student urge divestment from Israel, Flouting its own laws, EU accommodates 'Made in Israel'. “We do not ship to Palestine at this time. The main difference between Israel and Palestine is that Israel is a nation, and Palestine is a geographical region. Palestinians, ha… The 19thcentury saw increasing nationalism in Europe, where countless nations were calling for their own independent states. Entitled Stolen Beauty, the boycott claimed the company is stealing Palestinian natural resources in the illegally occupied territories of the West Bank in the form of Dead Sea minerals and mud. With two factions of nationalism — Israeli zionists and Palestinian militants — you will see only more bloodshed. Despite being commonly portrayed as a divisive clash between Islam and Judaism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one rooted in competing nationalism and territorial claims. [full video]. Our responses were about shipping capabilities only and should not be interpreted as anything else.”. De Beers was spectacularly dropped from Positive Luxury's 'Positive Environmental Impact' award shortlist, and its Forevermark diamond brand stripped from the Butterfly Mark list after Inminds protested De Beers human rights violations. Join this years Al Quds Day, which due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be held online on 22nd May 2020. If you agree with our work then please support us. Review of Inminds Human Rights Group's activity in 2019. Sephora, the Paris-based multinational chain of beauty stores found itself in hot water June 2 after a customer asked on Instagram whether they ship to Israel. Today, he is considered as the founding father of Zionism. LVMH-owned Sephora has been taken to court by the Palestinian rights organisation CAPJPO-EuroPalestine over the sale of cosmetics brand Ahava, according to press reports. Sephora Tries To Cover Up After Mislabeling Israel ‘Palestine’, PROJECT SHMILY: Uhkay – Tuli Brull & Moishy Klein feat. On 6th Oct 2017, Inminds will protest outside the UK headquarters of the Israeli Bank Leumi that has been blacklisted by the United Nations Human Rights Council for violating international law by profiteering from Israel's illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Palestinian civil society organisations, representing a cross-section of Palestinian civil society, and international organisations and individuals in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, have issued a call on the diamond industry to boycott International Diamond Week in Israel. 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Sephora … Ziyarat is a pilgrimage to sites associated with the Prophet Muhammad (saw), his family members and descendants, his companions and other venerated figures from Islamic history. Activists picketed the London store of Ahava - the Israeli company specialises in Dead Sea products made in the illegal West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. De Beers diamond empire was built on the blood of black African indentured slave labour. #FreeOurPrisoners. As much as 80 percent of all exports to Britain from the illegal settlements are shipped under false pretenses, labeled as 'Made in Israel'.