Bor 14 years we have been boosting the renewable energy sector in the country. The template is not intended to be prescriptive - it is merely illustrative and includes suggestions on what could be included under each heading. Sustainability Santander Asset Management. CORPORATE CULTURE POLICY drop dowm. Comment. Annual Report 2018 FINANCIAL/ SUSTAINABILITY. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) sustainability data for Banco Santander S.A., Banking and Spain Banco Santander S.A. is a global banking institution that offers financial services to corporate, institutional, and individual customers. Sustainable Governance. Santander Chile defines sustainability as the capacity to adapt to new challenges using creativity and innovation; to create value for its interest groups; and to procure economic and strive for economic and social progress, mitigating the environmental impact wherever it is present. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) sustainability data for BANCO SANTANDER (BRAZIL) SA, Banking and Brazil BANCO SANTANDER (BRAZIL) SA is a full service Brazilian bank. See what we have done. At Santander, we are driven by our purpose: to help people and businesses prosper. Annual Report Fixed-Income Corporate Events ... Santander’s purpose is to help people and businesses prosper. We develop our activity in a rapidly changing world, which creates new challenges and opportunities. Throughout the year, advances were implemented such as increased autonomy and demands resolution at the time of customer service, and an average time reduction to resolve the complaints, achieving 3.7 business days in December / 2018 (maximum time is 10 days). Earnings Results Dividend History Credit Ratings. See More. Report. $0. Stock exchange announcements. Buscar . Principles covered. Sustainability; Customers; Employees; Communities; Suppliers; CSR; CSR reports; Taxation strategy; Modern slavery statement; Santander (UK) Group Pension Scheme; About Santander UK . 13fi4 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT MAIN FIGURES 4 Main figures Financial indicators Balance sheet and income statement (€ million) 2014 2013* Customer lending (net) 734,711 684,690 Cus This commitment includes the implementation of the Standards of Business Conduct, designed to reinforce a culture of diversity and to reduce discrimination in the workplace. It also approves the sustainability report. We are one of the banks that invest the most in the expansion of renewable energy in Brazil. Our Sustainability strategy reflects this ambition to be a more responsible bank. In 2016 Santander set up a whistle-blowing channel for suppliers, through which any supplier that provides services to Banco Santander, S.A. or any of its subsidiaries in Spain is able to report inappropriate conduct by Group employees in the framework of the contractual relationship between the supplier and Santander. Our Sustainability Model evolved into our Responsible Banking Model to help integrate our virtuous circle and the challenges of the Responsible Banking Agenda, allowing us to achieve our mission. 2019 20-F (English version) 3.4 MB. Santander UK plc – 2019 Annual Report. 3 ANNUAL REPORT 2340 7 ANNUAL REPORT 2016 6 114 Banco Santander worldwide 122 About this report 8 9 124 Glossary 128 General information 136 Financial statements 140 GRI indicators. sustainability report 2014 - Banco Santander coordinator of the non-executive ..... New dividend policy: cash pay-out increased to 30% of recurring profit. January 2006 – December 2006 Links. Acessar . Reports . Corporate Governance . Sustainability and CSR. Corporate Profile History Strategy Business Sustainability. The Santander Way is our global culture, fully aligned to our corporate strategy. In 2018, the area began to report directly to the Vice Presidency of Finance, Strategy and Quality. The Sustainability strategy reflects Santander’s ambition to be a responsible bank and to further integrate social and environmental considerations into business decisions. Sustainability at Santander Chile Risk management Compliance Financial results 26 36 42 44 47 50 52 58 66 72 2017 Annual Report Santander Chile today Awards 2017 Letter from the Chairman of the Board Letter from the CEO and Country Head Board of Directors Administration 04 06 10 14 20 24 This annual report is also available online at 1 2 3. Sustainability Council 4 Economic Value 5 Awards and Recognition 6 About This Report 7 Sustainable Development Goals 8 ESG Scorecard 11 Engaging Our Stakeholders 12 Materiality 14 Managing Our Business 28 Advancing Responsible Banking & Investing 40 Inspiring Our People 50 Building Sustainable Communities 60 Appendix: Human Rights 62 Appendix: Climate Change 64 TCFD Index 66 GRI Index … Document . Annual Reports; Monthly Financial Summary; Quarterly Reports; Annual Reports; Presentations; Ratings; Analyst Coverage; Economic Indicators (Spanish) Financial Statements ; Annual Reports Year. By-laws, Code and Policies Corporate Governance and NYSE Recommendations Ownership Structure Management Board Minutes and Shareholders Meetings. Santander UK plc - 2019 Annual Report (6.40 MB) Santander … CHAPTER NAME SUB-CHAPTER We want to help people and businesses … Santander undertakes an annual review of its corporate sustainability policies, which apply to the whole Group. Banco Santander has created a quality mark that will help companies with up revenue of up to €50 million to demonstrate their sustainability status to their customers and suppliers, either public or private; and to structure, understand and improve the information and the level of implementation of sustainability areas that may be required in certain public tenders. COP.pdf; Description. Sustainability free full text capital structure of sustainable water exploring the supply management annual report banco santander 2016 Banco Santander S/A (Brasil) Published. Grupo Santander and Sustainability / CSR In the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, the Group has undertaken numerous activities. 2007/10/31 Time period. FIND OUT MORE... Inclusive and sustainable growth. The Executive Committee is also regularly provided with reports on the progress made regarding sustainability. Responsible Banking Agenda. None reported; Languages . The Risk Supervision, Regulation and Compliance committee oversees the corporate social responsibility policy, making sure it is followed and is aimed at creating value for the Bank. We will do this by being Simple, Personal and Fair in everything we do. Unlocking the possibility of a better world. These policies are approved by the Group’s board of directors, indicating the date of the last update. Financial Information . Annual Report 2019 (English version) 15.6 MB. App Santander Empresas. Sustainability and CSR. Additional disclosures for specialist topics such as Modern Slavery Statement and Gender Pay Gap report can be found on our website. Find out more. Santander Sustainability Report 2006 Participant. By sending the Report to the stakeholders, and publishing it on our website. Our sustainability pillars. 3 March 2020. The Santander Bank Polska Group’s approach to responsible business and sustainable development is complemented by the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) adopted by the bank. This report highlights the importance of transparency in responding to key environmental, social and governance issues and how Santander is bringing its purpose to life – to help people and businesses prosper. Santander UK plc – 2019 Annual Report. We recently embarked on an exciting journey to further embed our purpose to help people and business prosper in every business decision. Nathan Bostock Chief Executive Officer, Santander UK. Santander Brasil has made a commitment to support the UN campaign for equal rights and fair treatment for LGBTI people. Our values should be evident in everything we do, from the everyday decisions we take to our long-term plans and goals. Establishes the guidelines and required standards to embed a healthy culture throughout the Santander Group. Santander Totta, SGPS – Annual Report 2018 1 Proposal Santander Totta, SGPS . 2 Annual Report 2018 Market environment Financial system Financial results Risk management 48 52 54 70 Santander Chile today Awards Letter from the President of the board of directors and Country Head Letter from Chief Executive Officer Board of Directors Administration … CSR reports; Taxation strategy; Modern slavery statement ; Santander (UK) Group Pension Scheme; About Santander UK. BBVA has announced its progress in its climate change strategy with the publication of its sustainability policy and its first report on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change according to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) standard. previous Sustainability Reports. Annual Report Our Annual Report demonstrates, in an integrated way, how we create value in business and for our shareholders. About Santander Brasil . It includes our purpose, our aim, and how we do business. Santander Totta, SGPS, SA Rua do Ouro, 88 – 1100-063 Lisbon Share apital: €1,972,962,079.58 Registered at the Lisbon Registry of Companies under number single registration and VAT number 507 096 851 LEI: 5493005RLLC1P7VSVC58. Reports and opinions on the consolidated business 228. Viewer; Transcript; 2014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 1. Our commitments and actions are influenced by our business strategy.While creating value for our stakeholders, we have identified two main pillars and priorities related to sustainable development: This report was approved by the Board of Directors on April 21, 2020. See the evolution of Santander's results in sustainability and the indicators that monitor our economic, social and environmental performance. Santander Totta SGPS, SA 3. 5MB Sizes 3 Downloads 222 Views. 2. Annual Report 2019 (Spanish version) 9 MB. Investor relations. The ICAS Sustainability Committee has developed a template Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report that can be included within a company's annual report - or published as a separate document. Responsible Banking Model. We’ve changed the way we report Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, in order to better respond to our stakeholder needs. It is the bedrock of our bank, a responsible bank. Annual Report 2018 FINANCIAL/ SUSTAINABILITY. Personal and Fair. Some noteworthy examples include its Social Responsibility Report 2003, published in Spanish and English, as well as in Portuguese and Brazilian. 54 Sustainability in Santander Chile. Year . Relationship Management (CRM), supply chain ... Download PDF . Our aim is to be the best open financial services platform by acting responsibly and earning the lasting loyalty of our people, customers, shareholders and communities. We are committed to the pledge that Brazil made in the Paris Agreement: to reach a target for renewable energy of 45 % by 2030. 2019 20-F XBRL (English version) 1 MB.