Edit: I also noticed that my level 7 gardeners have more seed purchasing options on the planters (the "Purchase Seeds" option: uncommon fruits and magical plants and other plant options) that seem to be missing from my level 10 gardeners. Sims 4. It is not under the Order menu. Not now. Gardening Rare Seeds. ** Purchase From Planters . - last edited 1. The following shows the locations of all plants that can be found by collecting them from the various neighborhoods of The Sims 4. I have been trying to delete the duplicate template forms but seem to have just added more! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If a post solved your issue, click the Accept As Solution button. Explore and customize every detail from Sims to homes, and much more. I wanted to make this for any custom harvestables I create because I don't really like them cluttering my buy catalog. uncommon fruits and magical plants and other plant options), Me Too – if you also have this problem – first post on thread has this button, The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner. To begin gardening on your home lot, use a computer or buy a garden pot/planter box to “Purchase Seeds”. The Sims 4 Plant Locations Where to Find Plants by Neighborhood By Mr/Mrs Flynn Arrowstarr and Playalot. For the computer it seems to move from inside the order menu to an option outside the order menu which I think is also a bug.You should be able to still get them through Build Mode as others have pointed out. 2 comments. Magic Beans have been a thing in The Sims 4 ever since it received its ‘Seasons‘ expansion pack. $39.99 Original price was $39.99, current price $9.99 $9.99 + 75% off • 4 days left. The good thing is, you can usually see seeds and other collectible items (such as ores, which can be quite valuable) from a high altitude of view. If I click on the computer and click 'More Choices once (you may need to twice, as @CGrant56 mentioned) I see these options. I have found the seeds on the computer under purchase seeds. It is not under the Order menu. I am sorry. They could purchase them from the computer and from build mode, just not the planter. You can do this by purchasing the traditional base game planter, clicking on it and buying Cannabis seeds ($350). by I am finding the same thing as @crinrict - None of my level 10 gardeners can purchase seeds from the planters or the gardens. Buy and open a seed packet. This is where you purchase rare seeds on the computer. Cloud enabled: Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & compatible controller, both sold separately. Ok. There are two areas to purchase seeds on the computer (not including the seasonal and garlic) one comes under the the "order" menu, the other you have to click the computer, then click more choices until "purchase seeds" shows up, as the option within the "order" menu only shows the … Click the +XP button to let them know. Now when you enter build mode you can search debugin the searc… Once you have a high gardening level, uncommon and rare seeds will show up in that list. Choose how Sims look, act, and dress, then build and design their incredible homes. March Garlic is also a known repellent for vampires. March Some of the changes were positive in theory, but post seasons patch gardening went from a favorite skill to one of my least. Graft and Apple and Cherry. March, Product: The Sims 4Platform:Sony Playstation 4Which language are you playing the game in? share. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. These hidden objects are more household based than the live edit cheat is, with things like pots and pans, seeds and plants and so much more. I don't want to have to uninstall it and then reinstall them because it takes so long and then I have to remember to redo my gameplay options. Sims may also read a gardening skill bookto level the skill more quickly and can also "Research Gardening" on any computer or Research Plant when interacting with a plant, after reaching level 2. Then there are three options, two of which only differ through location. EA_Kent. Purchase Seeds is a separate option that is on the computer. I saw the same results in planter options for my (max) Scientist (level 7 gardener) and Space Ranger (level 10 gardener). And it is not on the planters. I can only buy seeds, except for the garlic and seasonal seeds, in the buy/build mode in the game, which is very inconvenient. Gardening has been a train wreck since the seasons patch. You can find the new interaction on all planter boxes! - last edited I do not see the Sixam or Vampire seed options that I see above on @PoptartJuniper 's planter, but I am assuming this is due to the fact that none of my sims have been involved in vampire lore or activity, and have not visited Sixam or been involved with Aliens. The Sims™ 4. Can you also please delete all the template forms from the comment field at the bottom. Vampires aren’t really fans of eating regular food and need to get plasma in their diet in order to survive. No option to purchase rare seeds is there on the computer or if I select planting boxes in live mode. What is your current game version number? Sometimes pack specific options appear, but the rare and uncommon seed packs don't. **All seed packets that are purchased will show up in your sims inventory. In theory, patchy can give uncommon seeds, but in my experience he only gives the most common ones. Build/Buy works too. Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? They can read books on gardening, however, the best way to … See System Requirements . I'm only seeing purchase seasonal seeds on the computer and then fall, spring, summer, winter etc no rare seeds. They could also be plasma fruit, money trees, flame fruits, or life fruits. How do you do the homeless challenge on Sims 4? The purchase Seasonal Seeds option does not include rare seed packets. It is not under the Order menu. My level 10 gardener both a YA and an Elder had no purchase options for rare seeds at the planter. I'm a player helping other players. I'll let you know tomorrow. Hey, thank you so much. At level 4, Sims can "Talk to Plants," which will build the gardening skill and satisfy social needs. Rare §4: A rare red-skinned fruit with tart, edible seeds. Try this flower to calm his qualms and get out of a deadly situation. Acquiring one was always random and worked in a similar way how Cow Plant seeds are found in The Sims 4. By saying it's resolved, it's telling the developers that they don't need to work on a patch for it. Nothing has worked. Also, a weeding vacuum will help keep gardens blooming! Here is a tutorial on how to plant seeds in The Sims 4 on console. I did have one level 10 gardener who could buy all seeds in build/buy EXCEPT for rare, uncommon ect lol. You can help others too! 2. Such As: Lovely Planters . Reach gardening level 10, no cheats/mods and try to purchase rare seeds in live mode from computer and plantersWhat happens when the bug occurs? Roses just don’t cut it for the Grim Reaper. At the first level of the gardening skill, your sim will be able to plant, water, weed, and harvest plants. 100% Upvoted. And it is not on the planters. This guide contains all the information you need plant and grow your very own Cowplant. @Beana2687 This Bug Report is not marked as solved but rather is marked for workarounds for the convenience of players if they want to see what types of workarounds have helped some players while waiting for a fix/patch for the issue.