ODNR Public Launching Ramp: River … Access spots are abundant along this highway. Crocketts Run to Livery is our shortest outing on the Hocking River. üm~=@`GÒC²õ6([ £Í!úd'ç¯ÙPê9Ðt³ ^? Available data for this site Click to hide station-specific text Funding for this site is provided by: US Army Corps of Engineers - Huntington District. 13. Consult your local county or city for information. Motorized access is shown by default. Staff Internal Email Water quality impacts were found in the Hocking River down from Lancaster’s waste water treatment plant. However, when it comes to boaters - especially kayakers or canoeists - who want to travel Washington County’s smaller river and streams, not many public access points exist. Hocking River (Athens and Hocking counties) – This more than 102-mile long river drains nearly 1,200 square miles from central Ohio to the Ohio River. The river is small. 61, Hocking Co. Boating restrictions, including motorized boating prohibitions, are established by local ordinance. 362, Pg. Some WDFW owned properties are managed for water access by other agencies and are subject to those agencies’ rules. *No dogs/pets at this time. Hocking Hills Fishing. It has an average depth of 3-4 feet, but there are areas up to twelve feet deep. Hocking Point is situated nearby to Chuchakacook Indian Reserve 4. Your best bet is using a bridge for access just be smart about where you park your car. I made access points along several sections last year and got one hell of alot of poison ivy but its was convenient for dragging the john boat through. Call first for meeting point Hocking Hills. Hocking River in Fairfield, Hocking and Athens County. in the upper portion of the Hocking River watershed. A section of the Hocking River in Hocking County, Ohio. Snag a fishing license online, then get to reeling in the fish! The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) manages hundreds of water access areas throughout Washington, providing recreational access to the state’s lakes, rivers, and marine waters. Here is a link to the ODNR interactive map that shows public access points in Ohio. Located in the southeastern part of Ohio is the beautiful Hocking River. Óv0 The Hocking River starts in Lancaster Ohio and flows south east until it reaches the Ohio River. There are currently river access points for fishing and for canoes and kayaks at Logan, Ohio, at Hocking College at Nelsonville, Ohio, on Hamley Run Road northwest of The Plains, Ohio, at West State Street Park in Athens, Ohio, at County Road 24A near Canaanville, Ohio, and at the Army Corps of Engineers ' Belleville Locks and Dam recreational access point on Frost Road near Coolville, Ohio. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery will provide a day to remember. For COVID-19-related closures, restrictions, and updates see the WDFW COVID-19/Coronavirus response page. hÞ´Y[ÛÆ~ׯ8/È@b8¼(8ë¤M'©W€œ. Deer Creek Lake is a good lake for anglers seeking crappies. USGS 03157500 Hocking River at Enterprise OH. The Hocking River map shows the ramp as an access point and also marks the White’s Mill falls as a broken dam meant to be avoided. Five miles of waterway are set aside and marked for public fishing, with a parking lot and signs leading to the access points. General rules for public conduct on WDFW lands. Hocking River boat access. Rapala floating minnow, is also a good choice. Both trips are good for beginners. Expand the categories on the left by clicking the left arrow button to see what other types of access are available. You can also reach the Hocking River by traveling down the creek in Clear Creek Metro Park. the water is shallow and not as clear as some creeks and rivers I have been on. Some WDFW owned properties are managed for water access by other agencies and are subject to those agencies’ rules. Therefore it is an ideal trip for beginners, parents with young children or those who are a little anxious about canoeing. The first was a public canoe access ramp along the Hocking River next to the bridge at the North end of Hocking Parkway. Hocking River Fishing Points Five miles of waterway is used for public fly fishing at Clear Creek Metro Park. The river moves a little bit slower on this 5 mile stretch compared to the Upper Hocking. The river is open to the public, but paddlers are warned that the waterway isn’t for the inexperienced. IMO, the Hocking River is one of the best rivers for smallies in Ohio. Smallmouth Bass. WDFW does not regulate the general use of watercraft on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, marine areas, or other waters. For more information, click the fishing tab at wildohio.gov. Discover Passes can be purchased separately and provide access to additional state lands, including state parks. Access points with parking are located at mile 4 at the West State Street Park, mile 10.2 off Rt. TrekNetwork's Ohio Belly Boat Fishing offers professionally guided float tube fishing tours at Ohio's AEP ReCreation Lands, Woodbury and TriValley wildlife areas. Hocking River. 740-777-2579. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Hocking River Fishing. VIEW TRIPS. c.ǪŒwÖïe±es6”C! Being in the Hocking Hills region it is a pretty river… The interactive map is even mobile friendly so anglers can access information right on the water. ... Canoe, kayak and raft the Hocking River in the Hocking Hills with Hocking Hills Canoe Livery. Located Hocking Hills at Logan, Ohio. 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River Mile 199.3: On the Hocking River, 1.0 mile from the Ohio River. A Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass is required at all WDFW recreation lands. These impacts are expected to be abated as the City continues to address sewage collection and treatment. Point source discharges send treated waste water to rivers and streams. From here you can take a spur trail down to the Hocking River, which serves as an access point for kayakers. Ohio Public Works Commission. Cook with confidence. Our bass fishing treks are ideal for groups of one to six people and are offered year round. The road passes through Scott's Creek valley which is well-populated with wildflowers all summer long. Find recipes, search our encyclopedia of cooking tips and ingredients, watch food videos, and more. The trail winds through the woods and takes you to Rockbridge and Rockbridge Falls. I would take a wide range of baits, ranging from buzz baits, to tube jigs, (chartreuse, watermelon, smoke, dark green, and pumpkinseed colors are all excellent choices). reminiscent of a nice size creek. It soon runs into the Hocking River past this point. HOCKING RIVER CANEOING Join us for a scenic river canoe experience.