Experience Matters. ADDITIONAL. If you are interested in a career as an Australian helicopter pilot and wish to fly for financial reward, you will need to obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL (H)).The requirements for a CPL are as follows: A minimum of 125* hours flight experience in accordance with the CASA-approved flight training syllabus. Bell 206 or McDonnell Douglas 500). Filter • Filter Close. HOME. After the private rating you'll do almost exclusively photo flying with an instructor and will learn this skill that is valuable to our photo contract and making you a valuable pilot to us. Refine your Search >> Helicopters. And those costs are passed on to you, the aspiring helicopter flight school student. Well, we could do what a lot of other helicopter schools do and quote you the minimum realistic amount you can get away with. Helicopter Pilot Training. Helicopter Canada’s Flight Training Programs. You should be able to pass a vision, hearing and psychological test prior to taking the practical test or you risk losing a hefty investment on all the training expenses if you eventually fail the medical and psychological examination. The cost: The helicopter flight is $1200.00 plus tax (regardless of number of passengers). Flying a helicopter requires a different set of skills than flying an airplane. One of the biggest barriers to Helicopter Flight Schools is the associated costs. The cost of helicopter flight training will vary widely depending on the type of helicopter used. The stepping-stone to a career full of possibilities. And, yes, we have one on staff....Jean-Marc! The average cost to own a Helicopter is $1,767,514.00 in the marketplace today. This is the time from engine start to engine stop. Our main flight training helicopters are the Robinson R22 and R44. It will typically cost about twice as much to fly a small helicopter per hour than a small aeroplane. Using flight simulator costs around $108 per hour. Each helicopter student is different and we want to ensure this career is the right match for you. You can begin your helicopter licence TODAY! Overview. Ultimately, you can design your own package with the combination of hours and helicopter that most suits your desires. Learn how to get your helicopter licence, how long it will take, how much it will cost and potential career paths with a guide from The London Helicopter. Helicopter prices can range from $27,000,000. LICENCE . Book a private pilot training session with National Helicopters today! Learning to Fly and/or pursuing a career as a Pilot, although much cheaper in Canada than say Europe or even the US, is an expensive ordeal. Passing a written examination is a prerequisite to the practical test phase. The vehicle transportation cost is $700.00 or $1600.00 for larger vehicles (RV’s and vehicles towing trailers). If you want to stay in the campus vicinity for convenience, weekly housing would cost around $180 to $200. This is generally based on the legal minimum of only 45 hours of flying, assumes you pass everything first time and often ignores costs related your medical etc. USD for new VVIP Helicopters to $100,000 for older cargo Helicopters. Helicopter rides cost $1200 and the vehicle crossing runs $700. Many fixed wing pilots want to continue their flight education and add a helicopter rating, here at Helicopters Northwest we will do our best to make it as efficient and cost effective as possible. Of these hours, a minimum of 17 hours must be Dual, which must include 3 hours of cross country time and 5 hours of Instrument time. These flights range from $95 to $285 depending on the type and model of the helicopter. Silverline Helicopters Inc. Holland Landing, Ontario We offer private licenses, and alternate ratings to convert from fixed wing. Training on the ground costs $30 to $40 per hour. A renter registration may be required which normally costs $10, When you are from another country, student registration would cost around $200, Some schools offer discovery flights that consist of half an hour of ground instruction and another half for actual flight training to test the waters so to speak if flying is really for you. Morning. Ultimately, you can design your own package with the combination of hours and helicopter that most suits your desires. With respect to private helicopter license cost, the greater part of your costs will be caused while collecting your flight hours. PRIVATE. You can complete your private pilot certificate training in as little as 35 hours. The hourly cost of training on the floor between $30-$40. The hobbs meter in the aircraft keeps track of this time in .1 hour intervals (6-minute intervals). Having experience on a slightly larger helicopter and, especially one more commonly used in the industry, is definitely a plus to getting your start! – OK, you’ll need either a recreational license or PPL (private pilot license) and that’ll cost you between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on how quickly you learn and how well you do with your flying. CONTACT. The holder of a Commercial Pilot Helicopter License may act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot for any type of helicopter endorsed on one’s license engaged in providing a commercial air service. SERVICES. One popular option is to complete the majority of the training, including the flight test, on the R22, and the remaining hours on either and R44 or Bell 206. Training, Flights and Services available Training, Flights and Services available Local : 519-650-4542 or 1-877-648-3732