Therefore ammo should always be used on either Split Shot or Slug Shot unless both Slug Shot and Clean Shot are already loaded, then your best option is Clean Shot. FFXIV Archer / Bard Stats. Below 2.47 GCD the Reload before midfires can be pushed ahead 1 GCD similar to the opener and Clean proc scenario to avoid clipping, however the Quick Reload around 85 heat will start to clip around 2.44 GCD and below. Piety has no effect on MP gained outside of combat (locked at 600 MP/tic). December 18th 2017 (v1.11) 1. I know it's wrong, but I'm not gonna tell ya no. Following the recommendation above will always give you a good GLD & PLD build. Turrets 7. Tome Gloves can be used for easier 6GCD OH, the “Faster Set” also uses a SkS meld to break the GCD tier. When you start killing below 6:35, start using your Wildfire before 5th Graven. Tank gear also has no natural direct hit, so investing in that is usually a good idea. ... General stat priority. FFXIV Gladiator / Paladin Stats. Strength doesn't give stats anymore for material, so no need to differentiate left vs right. At high skill speeds it’s better to use the 65 heat version of the rotation for the higher potency since you’ll still stay below the 60 second threshold anyway. That being said: Crit, Direct Hit, Determination as a far away third (or preferred stat over Tenacity) Skill speed is important only up to having a comfortable GCD for their rotation (PLD is between 2,42 and 2,40) But wasn't base crit already 5% rate and 40% damage before? Potion usage follows the same principles. FFXIV FF14 Intermediate Machinist Guide. After the initial alignment, all you need to do is keep hitting every skill on cooldown to keep the rotation going and aligned. Flamethrower and Wildfire can also be used the other way around to give more room for Wildfire duration and a more flexible heat entry. Not yet, though I'm sure people are working on them. 1 – Machinist: An Overview. IT DOES NOT increase healing from other sources, only your own heals. 3 ammo is able to setup Wildfire faster with Quick Reload, but has to use Flamethrower for 2 ticks, which means Flamethrower must be used while remaining still. Use Dismantle on the Light of Judgement and plan other uses around that. I'm not sure if it was changed in SB or ShB. Tenacity = 33 per 0.1% DPS, HPS, and Damage Reduction. Assume same as 3.2. A good rule of thumb is to use it 15 seconds before Wildfire. However, tooltips will not be covered as by level 70 you should be familiar with them. If I had to guess, I'd venture that probably hasn't changed much. 65 Heat → (Quick Reload) → Split Shot (Flamethrower 2 ticks + Overheat) → (Wildfire) → Cooldown (Reload + Rapid Fire) → Cooldown (Gauss Round) → Slug Shot (Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Ricochet) → Cooldown (Rook Overload / Heartbreak) → Cooldown / Split Shot (Quick Reload) → Split Shot* → Slug Shot* → Hot Shot (Gauss Round) → Split Shot* (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Continue. Dismantle is good for mitigating Head On and staying close. In 15 seconds Rook is able to output ~400 potency which is the same gain as you would get from stacked raid buffs and longer disconnects will only increase the gain, up to the maximum of 800 potency with 30 seconds of Turret Reset overlapping the downtime window. Personal buffs do not, except for attribute boosting ones (potions / food). The 2nd Wildfire needs to be delayed due to Graven Image so don’t use Hot Shot after your first Wildfire, you’ll save a cast if you reapply it before the first Graven. Piety is the only secondary stat to see an overhaul for 5.0. A more practical difference is in the way Reload and Quick Reload are used. If TBN won’t be broken, use another Edge with Living Shadow instead. Direct Hit and Determination both offer similar linear gains with Direct Hit being slightly stronger for most gear sets. Piety = 22 Piety per +1 MP/tic / 220 Piety = +200 MP/min. Reopen with 1-2 GCD prep to fit a full Wildfire before being stunned by mechanics later in the fight. This way all the necessary abilities are ready for the burst rotation and get realigned in their correct position when you use Wildfire the next time. Skill speed is the least valuable stat because more than 30% of Machinist’s damage doesn’t scale with it, on top of causing some rotational issues. Updated BRD BiS set for Sigmascape tier 2. You will naturally reach 70 heat with one Cooldown in the rotation before Wildfire. Piety to requirement for fight>crit>dhit/Det>sps to taste, Just go with Crit and SpS/DH, as is customary. Use Flamethrower as early as possible and input your next GCD as soon as Overheat starts to make fitting 6 GCDs into the buff possible. Using Wildfire+Flamethrower double weave allows you to get 6 GCDs under Overheat with good ping, but also guarantees that the 5 Wildfire GCDs are under it even in worse conditions. To get 6 GCDs under the Overheat buff, the first GCD under it must be used as soon as the Overheat starts. If the amount of latency pushes back your Wildfire cycle, you can use the 95 heat version to allow more room for clipping. This makes the rotation 61-62 seconds long and misaligns from Trick Attack windows unless the NIN is syncing up with Wildfire. Fixed NM and Palisade macros with ones that actually work ingame February 11th 2018 (v1.2) 1. DHit is more potent for dps but does nothing for your heals. Jobs that are able to create 100% Direct Hit through abilities (WAR and MCH) will lose some stat favor towards Direct Hit, since those skills complete negate it's effect. 2 ammo uses Reload to setup procs for Wildfire while 3 ammo uses Quick Reload. 4.X Intermediate Machinist Guide. Use one Cooldown in the rotation between Wildfires to reach 65 heat and wait until Reload has 4 seconds remaining on timer before using Flamethrower. What % of DPS is unaffected by Speed (oGCDs and fixed GCD)? Mar. You also have stat tiers where you gain a large amount of damage by avoiding wasting stats so you could end up sacrificing crit melds to take det and gaining dps. Slow sets can use the shortened 3 ammo rotation for better raid buff alignment and faster cycle time if required or preferred. As new and devastating weapons are brought to the fray, a new class of champion arises to wield them―the machinist. (Reload) Split → Slug → Split (FT) → CD (WF)→  Clean → Slug → Clean → CD → CD. It’s possible to squeeze 2 Wildfires before Hot Tail but you’ll have to start Flamethrower before boss is targetable, go into your HS→WF immediately when you can and do a zero-drift rotation with Flamethrower during the orbs. The names come from the number of preloaded ammo used in the opener. 5.x Red Mage Rotation Overview by Turing & Hinoka; 5.x Black Mage Guide by Caro Kann & Laqi Thish; 5.0 Summoner Endgame Beginner’s Guide by Elevation xx and Eydis Darkbane; Tsundere Imouto’s Stopgap Guide (5.0) by Tsundere Imouto Piety is the only secondary stat to see an overhaul for 5.0. Make an EDUCATED CHOICE by reading your classes guide, linked below! This minimizes the chance of losing usages over the encounter but changes the Wildfire timings. The general idea is to get Hot Shot and Turret back up and hold all abilities that have a cooldown timer longer than there is time left on the Wildfire cooldown. High ping rotations assume 5 GCD Overheat. Contents 1. ; Swapping first Plunge and Abyssal Drain is a very small potency gain with a Red Mage’s Embolden.However, this can affect times you need a plunge later. DH and det both has slightly deminitin returns which means that you end up wanting to maintain a ratio between them. 65 Heat → (Quick Reload) → Split Shot (Flamethrower 2 tick + Overheat) → Cooldown (Reload + Wildfire) → Cooldown (Rapid Fire + Ricochet) → Slug Shot (Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Heartbreak) → Cooldown (Gauss Round) → Cooldown (Quick Reload + Rook Overload) → Split Shot → Slug Shot → Split Shot → Hot Shot (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Continue. 1523 for 2.38 GCD – Your average Warrior skill speed; 1624 for 2.37 GCD – Some breathing room for mechs and clipping New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The base cast time of Malefic IV is 1.5s, with a standard 2.5s recast time (GCD). It is not covering end Game optimization. 3.4 Info (Also applies for 3.5) Stat weights currently unknown. Minor changes based on feedback from reddit postand Balance Discord 2. 70 Heat → (Quick Reload) → Split Shot (Flamethrower 2 tick + Overheat) → Cooldown (Reload + Wildfire) → Cooldown (Rapid Fire + Ricochet) → Slug Shot (Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Gauss Round) → Cooldown (Rook Overload / Heartbreak) → Cooldown (Quick Reload) → Split Shot → Slug Shot → Split Shot → Hot Shot (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Continue. Reopen with 2 GCD prep or you might have trouble finishing your Wildfire if you’re in the first group of people to be stunned by fists later in the fight. I'm working on this question as we speak (and probably won't have a definitive answer for a few days), but napkin math suggests that crit is way strong right now if you can readily stack it. Feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome at The Balance discord Machinist channels or at Lynn#8794. Everything should be used on cooldown except for the Wildfire that aligns with the sleep and confusion tethers. If you’re getting knocked back, pop Sprint beforehand to get quickly back in range. Healers might just want to stick with Determination since Direct Hit is only 4% stronger for DPS, but has zero effect on healing. Skill speed is the least valuable stat because more than 30% of Machinist’s damage doesn’t scale with it, on top of causing some rotational issues. [Discussion] One of the people in my raid group is a machinist and is trying to figure out what stats he should be going for. It should be used to cover the highest potency part of the rotation: heated shots and Wildfire. Description. Instead of increasing maximum MP, Piety only affects MP recovered while in battle. This is a shortened rotation like the 95/65 heat version of the regular 3 ammo which means you will need to wait for cooldown timers before starting your midfire. Updated non-BRD buff section from Patch 4.1 to 4.2. Assuming raid buffs timings haven’t been screwed up, the latter is usually the better option. Speed decreases the GCD, increases damage from auto-attacks and DoTs, and increases healing from HoTs. Faster GCD means easier Overheat timing and better raid buff alignment. When encounter time gets shorter, don’t use Overload for the last Graven disconnect but save it for the end of the fight for better value. This requires tight timings so 3 ammo is recommended. Avoid using long cooldowns on the train car ghost if you’re forced to kill it. Alternatively you can use mid-fight Wildfire under the High Ping 2 ammo rotation which makes you reach 95 heat before 2nd wildfire and 90 from there on. Recovering from death is simple when you’re familiar with the rotation. Sks/Sps can have results where different tiers have different returns depending on how it changes your rotations. Depending on what procs you have going into Quick Reload your GCD order will change to make the most out of them, however, all oGCDs should be used in the same order as before. I'm sure someone else can elaborate. It will compile information from The Balance Discord and cover rotations along with general ability details. Determination = 25 per 0.1% DPS and HPS Gain. I don't remember a base 45% damage. With Blaze pattern Wildfire the Dark Crystal. Reload setup makes the Wildfire preparation longer for 2 ammo, but also allows it to use only 1 tick of Flamethrower, which can be used while fully mobile. At low values, Crit is worse then even Tenacity. In battle, Red Mages use rapiers for melee strikes and Red Magic for ranged attacks. Slug proc with 2 tick Flamethrower (needs at least 85 heat): (Reload) Slug → Split → CD (FT) → CD (WF) →  Clean → Slug → Clean → CD → CD or, (Reload) CD → Slug → Split (FT) → CD (WF) →  Clean → Slug → Clean → CD → CD, Clean (Reload) → Split → Slug (FT) →  Split (WF) → Clean → Slug → Clean → CD → CD. Hydatos Hat Crit overcap meld vs DH is better with 2 sources of crit buffs (DRG/BRD/SCH). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Doing this makes the rest of the Wildfires line up better with buffs but depending on kill time might not be worth the risk. FFXIV Arcanist / Scholar Stats FFXIV Arcanist / Summoner Stats FFXIV Conjurer / White Mage Stats It has zero interaction with healing. I think DH is the safest bet until we see how crit is stacking up. There’s no way to completely remedy the clipping that starts to happen with Reload and Quick Reload timings without extending the rotation. For the linear stats, 5.0 maintains the DH > Det > Ten flow. Outside of Wildfire, ammo should always be used to gain procs if possible, but Reload and Quick Reload should never be delayed because of it. This is the more mobile version of the two because of 1 tick Flamethrower and allows for more latency-based clipping. This is why I don't have a X per 0.1% DPS number listed. Ri… It allows for perfect Trick Attack alignment even with high ping because of the natural room for GCD clipping. Tight Wildfire cycle should allow you to finish burst before painting. Depending on what procs you have going into Reload your GCD order will change to make the most out of them, however, all oGCDs should be used in the same order as before. The entire magic phase of the rotation is unaffected by Skill Speed, and Intervene, Spirits Within, Requiescat, and Circle of Scorn (sans the DoT) are all unaffected by Skill Speed. 3rd 2016 Updated S-Rank Timers; Feb. 22nd 2016 Patch 3.2 - The Gears of Change Added all items and Triple Triad cards! Let's begin from the fact that until endgame stat priority is pretty much inconsequential. Dismantle is great on the Light of Judgement, although the first one is tricky because it’s at the same time with Wildfire prep. Using an extra unheated shot before Barrel Stabilizer will solve most issues. Overload in the opener and for each of the number phases disconnects. This means you’ll be clipping your GCD cycle and will have to predict the last tick. Flamethrower ticks once per second, for a total of 11 ticks, and it’s mainly used to Overheat for Wildfire. This can be a problem for mechanics, but there are ways around it. Hold Hypercharge during Level Checker to have a complete reopener when boss comes back. Does Speed break the job's rotation (buff windows)? Unlike Direct Hit, Critical Hit DOES increase the damage from Crits, meaning that jobs that 100% Crit (WAR and MCH) actually favor having more Crit since those 100% Crit attacks get more weight from the stat. Wildfire does not collect Turret or Overload damage but raid buffs are used in conjunction with the Wildfire burst window, so generally Overload will be used there the same way as in the opener. Discussing the merits and flaws of Tenacity always turns into a mess. I've done some reading around but theres a lot of conflicting information about it, what is the best stat for gunbreaker? If you’re using 2 tick Flamethrower, use North / South position for skull tethers so you get it out safely during the first Forsaken. They deal massive damage by linking multiple spells with Dualcast and following them up with melee attacks. I think it's helpful to start out with a description of what Summoner is and isn't- especially in regards to the history of the job since ARR, considering how often it gets significant portions of its skills reworked. Crit > Comfy SkS > Det > Ten. Direct Hit increases your chance to land a Direct Hit that increases damage by 25%. Ideal skill speed range 364-714 (2.45-2.50 GCD), 2 ammo → (Infusion) (Hypercharge) → Hot Shot (Gauss Round) → Split Shot (Reload) → Slug Shot (Flamethrower 5 tick + Overheat) → Split Shot (Wildfire + Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Quick Reload + Rapid Fire) → Slug Shot (Ricochet) → Clean Shot (Gauss Round) → Cooldown (Rook Overload) → Cooldown → Split Shot* → Split Shot* → Hot Shot (Quick Reload) → Split Shot* (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Slug Shot* (Gauss Round + Reload) → Continue. Relative values seem pretty much unchanged. I'm sick of missing a goring blade snapshot because I'm forced to move out of the melee range or the boss moves. However, there's a couple things to take into consideration. Visual overview of the rotations can be found here. Stat Priority. Airplane (black paint) removes Turret from the battlefield, remember to resummon it. PLD is a perfect example of a job that DOES NOT want Skill Speed. In FFXIV they combined them into a single stat, then added another similar stat (direct hits), and it's hard to distinguish what does what and when with such homogenization. Since materia is 50% stronger (VIII v. VI) and item levels are only going to grow, it all evens out in the end. When fighting against enrage, use Hypercharge on cooldown to get an extra usage. Stat priority for a red mage; Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. These will be updated as people find better ways to optimize the encounters. This is a basic Machinist Guide for people that want to pick up the job and play it at a decent/expected level. Bishop Overload is a 400 potency gain on 2 targets even without downtime or raid buffs and at 3 targets already a 1000 potency gain, which overtakes Rook Overload even with a perfectly matched downtime window. There's two factors to consider if a job can use Speed. You will naturally reach 90 heat. Ideal skill speed range 364-848 (2.43-2.50 GCD), 3 ammo → (Infusion) (Hypercharge) → Hot Shot (Quick Reload + Gauss Round) → Split Shot → Slug Shot (Flamethrower 5 tick + Overheat) → Split Shot (Reload + Wildfire) → Clean Shot (Rapid Fire + Ricochet) → Slug Shot (Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Gauss Round) → Cooldown (Rook Overload) → Cooldown (Quick Reload) → Split Shot → Slug Shot → Split Shot → Hot Shot (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Continue. There are two general rotation types discussed below, 2 ammo and 3 ammo. Crit does seem like it's a bit dethroned atm, but I fully expect it to be the god stat by 5.4 again, like it always is. 3 ammo → (Infusion) (Hypercharge) (Gauss Round) → Hot Shot (Quick Reload) → Split Shot → Slug Shot (Flamethrower 5 ticks + Overheat) → (Wildfire) → Clean Shot (Reload + Rapid Fire) → Split Shot (Gauss Round) → Slug Shot (Reassemble) → Clean Shot (Ricochet) → Cooldown (Rook Overload) → Split Shot (Quick Reload) → Split Shot* → Slug Shot* → Hot Shot (Gauss Round) → Split Shot* (Gauss Barrel + Barrel Stabilizer) → Continue, *example GCDs, use your procs if you get them. Instead of increasing maximum MP, Piety only affects MP recovered while in battle. At even higher speeds GCD will also need to be added before Quick Reload at the Wildfire preparation. Skill Speed and Spell Speed = 102 SS per 0.01s reduction at 2.5s GCD. Summoner is currently a highly mobile caster that follows a repeating cycle of about 2 minutes of different types of casting. If you’re using the 65 heat rotation, you will be able to use 2 ticks of Flamethrower before dodging the stacked AoEs when prepping your 3rd Wildfire, pop Sprint for extra safety. the way stat interactions work stat priorities won't ever be able to get you to bis. All raid buffs besides Dragon Sight affect turrets. The proc optimization for the 95 heat rotation is covered in the external link. You’ll see this guide split into two primary sections, a basics overview to get you up and running, and (soon™) an advanced topics section that will delve into some of the nuances that make the class a challenge to play at the highest tier. As for tanks, I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole. Based on a proposal made by Stephanivien, the design of this garb prioritizes ease of movement over the heavy protection favored by close-quarter combatants.Its most distinguishing feature is the side-apron tool pouch, used to store a machinist's transformer, ammunition, and various other devices employed in the machinistry profession.. Set Summary (weapons/tools not included) This is a slight dps loss, but allows full mobility. You can use good judgment from these values though and generally land in the ballpark for your job. Maruko’s Note: It’s still a toss up versus DEX and Parry. Generally Overheat is started either with 1 tick or 2 ticks of Flamethrower and both require different timing. There’s a 95 heat version with Wildfire+Flamethrower entry and a 65 heat version with 2 tick Flamethrower entry. So all stats got nerfed by about 1/3. Also hold 5th Wildfire until right after the 5th Graven to get another use at 6:25 with raid buffs. Speed is another exponential grower that varies drastically between jobs. Overload is best used before downtime or snap shot at the end of raid buffs. Jump to page: ... Machinist Lv 80. Don’t use Wildfire on the Airforce adds. You should be able to get an extra use of Gauss Round and Quick Reload before moving back to boss for Wildfire when you end up delaying. Crafted Gloves and Omega Head are good if you don’t have Eureka gear. So, if you forget to use an oGCD in time, the easiest way is to simply delay it until it comes up again in the rotation. 37 GCDs per 90s. Hypercharge buff fits 7 turret attacks and inflicts the attacked target with a total of 6*3+10 = 28 seconds of Vulnerability if focused the entire duration. Just be prepared to do a longer burn with Flamethrower to Overheat from the lower heat count. However, at high values, it becomes the best stat. Gauss Barrel, Ammo, and Turrets 3. Fixed import from lodestone. Yeah, it's to be expected. Machinists are a new class introduced in the Heavensward expansion that work as a support DPS job. That said, the relationship healers have with crit is goofy, so there is some nonzero chance that Spell Speed is actually ideal in practice. There’s generally two ways of recovering from mistakes: delaying Wildfire or delaying an oGCD ability that has been misaligned. Biblio is the only potential target for Bishop Overload depending on kill time. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! 3. The Rotation 6. Uncategorized / By alext96. Shortened HS→FT opener can be used to land a Wildfire before first jump, but you can only land 2 in total before the DDR phase. (QR) Split (FT) → CD (WF) → CD → Slug → Clean → CD → CD or, (QR) Split (FT) → CD (WF) → Slug → CD → Clean → CD → CD, (QR) Slug (FT) → CD (WF) → CD →  CD → Clean → CD → CD, (QR) Split (FT) → CD (WF) → Clean → Slug → Clean → CD → CD. What are the gladiator or paladin stat weights? The important part is going to be having the substats. Critical Hit is an exponential grower, meaning that the more of it you have, the more effective it is. This is a near 100% uptime fight so use everything on cooldown. But since the healing looks to be heavier now, you might want Crit AND Det instead. Each job interacts with stats in different ways, and I'll cover those when I cover the stats below. I ask because resource management is stupid easy right now. 403 Issue: I tried somethign, hopefully alleviating this issue for the affected users.Please let me know if it helped! Ultros doesn’t provide any gains since the boss will be untargetable for a period of time even after Ultros dies and Dadaluma aligns badly because of Hypercharge. Red Mage is a hybrid ranged/melee style achieved via high-speed positioning. (QR) Split (WF FT) → CD → CD → Slug → Clean → CD → CD or, (QR) Split (WF FT) → CD → Slug → CD → Clean → CD → CD, (QR) Slug (WF FT) → CD → CD →  CD → Clean → CD → CD, (QR) Split (WF FT) → Clean → CD → Slug → Clean → CD → CD or, (QR) Split (WF FT) → Clean → Slug → CD → Clean → CD → CD.