We have stunning results. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This also serves to foster community and accelerate cross-pollination among colleagues. Director of Partnerships and New Business. Op-Ed: Al-Sadr fears Iraq will be battleground for Iran US conflicts. Through our Story Campaign initiative, we serve and elevate a group of voices, or viewpoints, within a concentrated time frame. Participants convene in person for day-long seminar events throughout the fellowship and are matched with Journalist Mentors, who work with them for the duration of the fellowship to encourage, coach, edit and support participants in achieving concrete results (op-eds and much more). The OpEd Project - A Day in The Life. This one-week program also includes ample time for structured one-on-one feedback, mentoring, workshopping, and editing opportunities for all participants. Story Campaigns focus on elevating voices that are timely, vital and need to be heard. We partner with universities, foundations, companies, nonprofits and communities to diversify knowledge and accelerate solutions to society’s greatest challenges. The OpEd Project’s mission is to change who writes history. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), View sjsuwritingcenter’s profile on Facebook, View UCad08L4VNPuTVekFGBiB5mA’s profile on YouTube, #tbt: Apostrophes’, Apostrophe’s, Apostropheses! The Welsh actor took to Instagram to pay tribute to her partner, who she married in a lavish, multi-million dollar ceremony at … Back in November, Catherine and her 76-year-old husband, Back To The Future icon Michael Douglas, celebrated two decades of wedded bliss. Bring The OpEd Project to You. Faculty and staff gained insights from Catherine Baxter, a Manager at the OpEd Project; Thomas Moriarty, SJSU English Professor, WAC Coordinator and frequent OpEd contributor; and materials from Lois Kazakoff, deputy editorial page editor for The San Francisco Chronicle (she could not attend due to illness). This workshop is a sequel to our core program (Write to Change the World), which is a prerequisite. Catherine Baxter, Director of Partnerships at The OpEd Project, also joins the conversation to discuss the work that the OpEd Project does with universities and the importance of writing op-eds in this political moment. The project, led … A prominent Silicon Valley chief executive, Brendan Eich, is in hot water again for his views on topics far from technology. Yesterday, the Center for Faculty Development and the Writing Across the Curriculum program at SJSU hosted another great “Writing for the Public” lunch and learn event. In our 1.5-day or 2-day workshops, we put our ideas to the test, to generate concrete results. View Catherine Orenstein’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. Photo: Getty Images. Starting tomorrow (Thursday, February 7th), we’ll be hosting informal workshops for faculty and graduate students looking to publish OpEds or assign them to their students. The OpEd Project. The Official Blog of the SJSU Writing Center. That question drives Catherine Orenstein (left), the founder of The Op-Ed Project, an organization committed to diversifying the voices in the public debate. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Pitching your OpEd. Catherine Murphy is founder and director of The Literacy Project.Her documentary Maestra explores the 1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign through the eyes of the youngest women teachers. 's mission is to change who writes history. Some partners include: We deliver programs for our partners across the nation and globe - everything from keynotes to large group experiences to daylong workshops to multi-year fellowships. ( Log Out /  Hear from Professor Rick Cherwitz and Catherine Baxter, Director of Partnerships at The OpEd Project, about how academics can get involved in writing op-eds. By partnering with us in this way, institutions typically see value in these ways: (1) increased visibility/prestige; (2) enhanced satisfaction and retention of talent, especially underrepresented (including female) talent; (3) more innovation, driven by intentional cross-pollination across colleagues and disciplines. Participants in workshops receive access to our national network of journalist mentors for individual followup. The OpEd Project’s mission is to change who writes history. Yesterday, the Center for Faculty Development and the Writing Across the Curriculum program at SJSU hosted another great "Writing for the Public" lunch and learn event. Catherine Orenstein and her team at The OpEd Project travel around the country to teach women how to write and submit op-ed pieces for publication at media outlets such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, … ( Log Out /  Drill tested mineralization with 128 historical RC and core holes. Participants will walk away with bold ideas, a deeper sense of what they as well as their colleagues know and stand for, and actionable steps. This is our highest-impact program, intended for individuals and institutions committed to bigger, long-term results and enduring social change. 2. She was born May 7, 1923, in Michigan City, Ind., the daughter of Stuart Baxter, a liquor company executive, and Catherine Wright Baxter, the daughter of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Through our programs we elevate the ideas and knowledge of underrepresented expert voices, including women, … This program is designed to produce concrete results, and culminates in a large group experiment in which participants come together to produce a publishable op-ed in 15 minutes. ( Log Out /  Few saw Arreaza’s op-ed since it was published in The Canada Files, an upstart left-wing website. Institutions strengthen their internal talent pool, increase their institution’s public presence through the voices of their own leadership and community, and help change the demographics of voice in the world. Change ). The goal of this program is to transform a cadre of exceptional thinkers (with emphasis on underrepresented voices, including women) into public intellectuals whose knowledge and influence transcends industries and institutions, to shape the important public conversations of our day. All programs are designed to generate concrete results and to inspire and cultivate a greater sense of social responsibility by clarifying our potential impact on the world in larger terms. Below are our most commonly run programs. The additional time enhances discoveries and results because participants have the opportunity to absorb and act upon information from day one, and to share their ideas-fleshed out overnight—with each other in a language that is broadly accessible (and perhaps not previously available to them). We invest in the knowledge of all kinds of humans, including women of all backgrounds. Baxter Spring Gold Project, Nevada. Corporate. ASHLEY ZWICK. Year-long fellowship or Three-Month fellowship. 5-day program + 1 month access to our Mentor-Editors for individual follow up support. If you’ve thought about writing op-eds, … Learn how your comment data is processed. ), Connection (how can we speed the pace of cross-pollination and hence the pace of innovative thinking? Baxter, J. ( Log Out /  The OpEd Project also offers workshops and mentorships for interested writers along with submission information for many U.S. newspapers.