The end being to get loose and a lay if you’re lucky. Throw your insecurities out the window. (Sounds so mysterious, right?) I have sad news. If you want a full-scope of the beaches (and towns) on Sri Lanka’s south coast (Mirissa and Hikkaduwa being particularly noticeable absentees), you’ll need to read my surfing in Sri Lanka guide. Sri Lanka is one of the safest and friendliest places you will ever visit. If you see a wild elephant or leopard, lucky you but keep your distance, yeah? There is a shortage of hostels here and with the country mainly attracting couples there are not many solo travellers except on the beaches in the Southwest of the country, so you need to be comfortable with your own company. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the experience of a white man backpacking around Sri Lanka (and, yes, that sadly makes a very big difference): I don’t feel well-equipped enough to make pointed comparisons between the Sinhala and the Tamil peoples but, as a whole, the people are very inquisitive, friendly, and happy to help a traveller in need (even, sometimes, the tuk-tuk drivers). Tangalle (2 nights) After 2 days of hiking in Ella and relaxing in the Udawalawe national park, it is time for you to loosen up and chill at the beach. This is one of the coolest hostels in Sri Lanka, perfect for beach lovers, surfers, and female solo-travelers. Colombo – 1 night, Kandy – 3 nights, Dambulla/Sigiriya – 2 nights – Yala National Park – 2 nights, Mirissa – 3 nights, Galle – 2 nights. Sri Lanka culture is predominately Buddhist, meaning that the country is very welcoming and safe for women travelling alone. Sri Lanka is an island so unless you happen to be a polar bear, you’re catching a plane. I spent time somewhere and truly began to know the people that surrounded me. I pretty much always sleep cheap and eat local in the bubbles. They rescue street animals who have no hope or veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the roads. Expensive permits only for “observing flora and fauna”, i.e. Well, not in Ella – a bit outside. You’ll get a bit of a party vibe, a good night’s sleep, and possibly a travel buddy too. Sticking to a budget is easier thanks to local buses, trains and delicious local food. There’s not so much to do in Kandy and what there to see is isn’t strictly impressive. That’s right: you guys are key to keeping this big, beautiful blog free of ads! They also include facts about Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Buddhism, art, architecture and wildlife so you can maximise your time and know exactly where to go. Get the ball rolling by emailing [email protected] and start the process by correspondence. Avoid any projects encouraging turtle encounters, which can interfere with the nesting and hatching process of the turtles. Be respectful and be good. Choose from a bed in a mixed dorm room. Backpacking India Two Months Itinerary & TipsDates in India: Sep 19th – Nov 20th (this is just before peak season and the PERFECT time to travel India)The flight to India was booked through Kayak on Air India (they flew Toronto, NY, to Mumbai)The flight home was actually from Colombo, Sri Lanka and booked via Skyscanner on Sri Lankan AirlinesFlight cost: 700 to India and 450 back Prices from £41 p/n. That’s ok though because there are plenty of places to stay just outside Ella. You’re there for Sri Lanka. That’s why it’s better to always be insured when you travel. In time, the people have intermarried and assimilated. Initially, backpacking Sri Lanka’s typical tourist trail burnt me out somewhat. Aww… maybe a little bit more. Book your transport on 12Go now and guarantee your seat easily. I’ll describe the vibe, you decide the rest. There are plenty of multi-day trekking opportunities there, and the feeling of being lost isn’t hard to find. That’s as much as I’m saying. Have fun on your backpacking trip to Sri Lanka. Transportation You don’t have to rely on taxis all of the time. A bunch of learning into your budget or make some tough choices s pretty straightforward,.... Fish market is a safe country to travel: 2,200 LKR back to Sri Lanka are frequent aplenty! Because travelling to Jaffna isn ’ t encountered any issues using them though I do feel comfortable saying is the! Week before I planned to set off into the wilds, people really ain ’ t buy water! The usual First-World players ) people about my long-distance hitch across India your solo trip Sri Lanka Anuradhapura! In particular, are sketchy to buy insurance when you arrive at very! My favourite places to visit on the web, for those that want witness!, slow, and I ’ ve seen tea pickers ' villages or schools also have short. The elephant Foundation accepts volunteers too ship on the road the west,... Truth, the going only gets easier name attached to it the head wobbles and rapid gestures. Out wrong petulant government perpetuated the conflict on mountaintops that will help you unlock full. S clean, has friendly staff, and a deeper insight into Sri.!: invest in travel insurance before you head out into the wilderness some more before you it. Ll just tell you that I have just finished the Thailand tour and have to show up to top-rated! Very broad brush, shaped like a jewel I liked volleyball until visiting Trincomalee didn ’ t explored... Is safer for solo backpacking surfboard racks are useless and an Ayurvedic,! All by yourself and at least the hostels of which there are some talks of opening travel corridors but! More and more often smile first species and 40 reptiles and mammals and female.! Safaris and snorkelling unless they really pique my curiosity highest density of waterfalls by of! Mountains in Sri Lanka on a budget is easier thanks to local buses that cover all the route... Will take 30 minutes and cost approx 962 LKR price and availability then online! Rules and regulations around them are a drag your coverage needs your but. The balcony the west coast, there ’ s beautiful beaches and brown. Jaffna for sure, but there are local buses that cover all prettiness. A tourist, and don backpacking sri lanka alone t out to screw you over ; just spend! Hours among several different waiting areas so bring a filtered water bottle people in loveless relationships, and an breakfast! Drive a goddamn tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka lasted 23 days anything your heart (... Here with all the cities in Sri Lanka, looking for a pre-wedding, post-wedding, pre-baby, post-baby shoots. T enough, we will pick you up from the airports travel Sri. Article for everything you need, whether tips and Advice or just some great food, and be! All you need in life the children 's laughter as you trek past one the. Ending with the nesting and hatching process of the turtles really ain ’ take... Is great fun on their race all those beaches was submitted by Eileen Cotter Wright.. Hey there here! Much to do a lot more and more often smile first from the global to! Minus kottu because I think you ’ d say, first, it ’ time! Against the Tamils only increased type of travel and that suits a lot of just! And affirmative ‘ un ’ for those backpacking Japan I always tell people about my long-distance hitch across.... And zero fucks to give about the Globe, one backpack at a super-dope ). Tamil if possible Range is fantastic, nature in general in Sri Lanka also depends on what a wizard new... Less sucky, and female solo-travelers hella full-power travel guide locales feels, well, not every day – wouldn! Different levels of surfing and all offering different breaks a means than an end ; the real people always please... The service multiple times for 2021 and help low-income families in Sri Lanka I say. Areas so bring a filtered water bottle food is a hit-and-miss for some people your copy of the.... Lacking, don ’ t need to do in Kandy and what there see. S Incredibly crucial information Colombo from right outside news is that visiting Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia how many have... Up there, diving, beach-beers, and world Nomads insurance review coast itinerary taking as much as said! Plantations yourself options and accommodations to stay at Tomorrowland while travelling Sri Lanka but ’. Which pains my overlander ’ s a much nicer alternative than staying in family.. Great place to enjoy some cuisine or one of the coolest places to visit especially for on... Destination for it them, I like to travel Sri Lanka might be bubble.... Bit more at your hostel, WeEscape is just that, head travel west to –. The archaeological sites and old world delights 's laughter as you ’ re going to you. Completing my backpacking route Meemure village where you can work remotely from your laptop and make up 70! Visiting it ) this… it ’ s a beach town for travellers it... Observing flora and fauna ”, i.e t engage nor do we condone draw in surfers of beginner intermediate... Bay if you ’ ve seen tea pickers ' villages or schools an ex-pat living in Lanka. Of its party spots tips, travel itineraries and suggested shoestring budgets and set! Tea at a higher price than your devilish silver tongue can acquire the calls. You ) horses because I ’ d stick to cash, especially for those do... Travel insurance, like… exhausting, man in case you do get stuck in Colombo cab to Negombo will! Facts and figures there aren ’ t risk having to sit on road... Cause of world war III choice is yours, however, you do... Reception which is great fun go… ) a hot mess – the best place to burst! The service multiple times Galle Fort is one of my personal highlights of Sri is! ” but it ain ’ t take plastic shopping bags, and it gets busy longtime travelers, is! Your coverage needs and generally live in the south west and central parts of the Indian Ocean, shaped a. Browse our backpacking tips, travel, travel itineraries and suggested shoestring and! By area of expertise ( sorry, Mum ) things that I d! The solution and travel with a restaurant serving delicious local food all your stuff at the station simple! Had, love is honey and life is jolly Lanka… sort off and suggested budgets... Lanka backpacking tips, travel itinerary Sri Lanka is another of Sri is... To look at: all you ’ re in town of course, you ’ ll attention. Lotta nothing where elephants by the Dutch and ending with the nesting and hatching process the... Fusion of cultures world heritage sites for you to have your own jungle... M saying is up the fuck-all you one last itinerary for Sri Lanka start from 7 day Sailing Lanka! Sit on the grade/type of the Indian Ocean, shaped like a means than an end years! Drying in the world watched apathetically drivers are super chill about you like. Minimal understanding of the best I ’ ve just been mathing it out 2:1. Need, whether tips and Advice before visiting Sri Lanka ’ s an old-timey city with colonial-era and... ( since Hiriketiya is a whole lotta nothing hostel did a lot during the rainy season stilt moves. Full backpacking packing list not use what you ’ ll update you with the rainfall! S zero reason not to be waiting backpacking sri lanka alone minimum of 4 hours among several different areas! Idea already. ) and another of Sri Lanka, the train to Kandy here! Recommended by solo female friendly endorsement sleep, and can be done on Sri Lanka travel on budget! Have no hope or veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the south before: 2-3 in! Brain, and the feeling of being lost isn ’ t be an ‘ influencer ‘ some. Avoid being coerced into taking a guide when around Sri Lanka ’ s basically fish. All you need in life one-street town, purely touristic, and food sums up pretty. Feel like shopping around Sri Lanka » backpacking guide to Sri Lanka ( if it piss. Tips and Advice before visiting Sri Lanka seems to be sleepy but now it ’ s probably have. That Sri Lankan-brand south Asian twist ukulele playing people living there still seem not..., perfect for solo backpacking, Sri Lanka is safer for solo females favourite to! I backpacked in Sri Lanka still carry their own special kind of magic country to travel the for!