The one real bummer was me connecting the control lines to the holes spaced for the AC input on the first revision of the PCB (a very well learned $30 mistake), I should have probably noticed it, but their are no markings in the SF Eagle library for this part, it just shows the outline, so you have to go by the hole spacing, subtle if you aren't expecting it. One could use a motor controller, but it's not really designed for switching there, they are designed to control brushed or brushless motors which is a differing beastie than a "relay" is. You may need to provide your own basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer or scissors. They make these nifty packaged up devices that don't need a circuitboard, trying to figure out the resistances needed, etc. But with proper few external elements you can control your mains load with a PWM output - how cool is that! This particular SSR can switch current loads of up to 40A with a 3-32V DC input and a zero cross trigger control method. SparkFun Electronics SparkFun Accessories are available at Mouser Electronics. Solid State Relay. It also says the maximum zero crossing voltage is 35V, so at 24V it may not "see" the sero crossing and never turn on. verified purchaser. b) The input side is basically just a LED. Could this be used to switch 100vdc at 300khz with a 10% duty cycle? I've found that using one of these with ~4-10A of current will cause the relay to get pretty warm, but simply bolting it to a piece of metal helps tremendously, as the whole bottom plate is metal. A nice solid state relay. by Member #1458351 This unit combined with a micro switch is a perfect solution! with the sealed design and high amperage capability, I am purchasing more of them to add control over my baseboard heaters next! about 2 years ago So from Just make sure to have a DC power supply hooked up to the Arduino and it works great. Favorited Favorite 23. I assembled this on a custom designed PCB with the relay, some heavy duty terminal blocks and pinouts for a TMP102 temp sensor, all this controlled by a Particle Photon. The SparkFun Qwiic Dual Solid State Relay is a power delivery board that allows users to switch two AC loads from a low power microcontroller using the SparkFun Qwiic connect system. (I'm glad I bought two, because I fried my first one.. By smdFan - Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:35 pm - Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:35 pm #69057. by Member #811852 Note that it won't actually be strictly 'Open Circuit', even with one in each phase. about 3 years ago This is handy for controlling vacuum tables, coolant pumps, heated 3D printing beds, dust collection and much more with GCode commands. You hook the cathode up to ground, and hook the anode up to an Arduino output with a resistor in series - about 220 R or 330 R or so, maybe 470 R or 1 k if that's all you've got laying around. Buy a version with a brand name, like Omega and follow their instructions, which say to use a sink. Connect it between your LED and ground, and send logic level high to the gate and voila, your led turns on. by Member #1373653 It handles it with no problems and no heat even without a heatsink, about 5 years ago verified purchaser. Maybe works for 40A but for my light load it has too much leakage current and the load partly runs when OFF. Please see all COVID-19 updates here as some shipments may be delayed due to CDC safety and staffing guidelines. SparkFun: SparkFun Accessories SparkFun Qwiic Dual Solid State Relay. about 9 months ago For remote switching of non-trivial AC applications, this relay can't be beat. They allow you to control high-voltage AC loads from lower voltage DC control circuitry. You will learn how to add an on button that will provide power to your project for an amount of time and then turn off again. Been using it with 120v 60hz and now 50hz without issues. We welcome your comments and suggestions below. It works well, and is silent. by Member #630068 The relays are a good value and work well. TL;DR you cannot reliably trigger this with a 3.3V GPIO (it will be modulated or not trigger at all). verified purchaser. They failed in the "on" state which was disconcerting. It needed closer to 5v to activate. I'd recommend basing your heat sink calculations on something higher - 100-150 watt so it doesn't get so hot and can rely on convection rather than needing a fan to cool. The SparkFun Qwiic Quad Solid State Relay Kit takes one of our favorite solid state relays and lets you place up to four of them on a single PCB to control all of them via I 2 C from your desired microcontroller. Thanks for the example layout. verified purchaser. I have used the relay extensively for two weeks now and have had no issues. first thing I looked for was if the device would wait to switch at zero crossing. verified purchaser, about 5 years ago You ship globally and have customers all around the world (me included) so the information on the mains voltage should scream at you in bold red font in the relevant product descriptions. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for SparkFun Electronics Accessories SparkFun Accessories. by Member #871262 Your knowledge of a datasheet will only require basic features like power requirements, pinouts, or communications type. Worse than that, since the triggering element is zero crossing, it would not switch on until ... power is removed ! I like the heat sink and plastic cover for safety. images are CC BY 2.0. the tilde on the ic package labels it for ac, but what would the dc limits be, if it will even accept dc? Order today, ships today. about 5 years ago and handle quite a bit of amperage. (You can also get MOSFET-based easy to use "solid-state relay" devices for DC use.) verified purchaser, about 3 years ago I just don't know if there is a transistor capable of switching a 120 volt load with a 5 vault switch. The hole size on the TO-220 sink ( looks compatible. I have a glass kiln with temperature control within 0.1 degrees in 1000 degrees. The Rebel LEDs are something that must be witnessed in person to understand how bright they are, a photo doesn't do them justice. However, it wouldn't actually activate from the 3.3v digital pins on my Arduino. SparkFun Single and Qwiic Quad Relay Arduino Library The Single, Dual and Quad relays make it possible to control high powered devices using a low powered device like an Arduino. Without a heat sink, you shouldn't operate at >2.5A at room temperature. verified purchaser. Hooray! I'm just throwing in a vote for carrying a DC SSR as well. I'm not sure if that is the case here. Need a breakout board like the Relay Control PCB. about a year ago ... SparkFun Accessories SparkFun Qwiic Dual Solid State Relay Enlarge Mfr. Peak values can be calculated from RMS values from the above formula, which implies Vp = VRMS × √2, assuming the source is a pure sine wave. Min. It's easy to put a radiator on the back - there's a nice metal plate, just add a couple mounting screws and some thermal paste - but I haven't needed to do so. Going to buy two of these tonight, also going to buy a thermocouple and thermocouple breakout. .... as noted below you can just design a mosfet circuit for these smallish loads but if you really need isolation here you go. These particular solid state relays can switch 400VAC and 8A. As the relay every time and the relay every time and the relay is! The control side some 3.3V boards, like LinkIt one, will only require basic features like power,... Used an Arduino mega, works good, https: // start spinning them today, available soon it not. Stock the device on and off with the pin labels hammer or scissors 1A worth of.... Are you actually going to measure air coming out of a PCB is... With open air load it has high isolation voltage between input and on when above 2.4v ( so )... And such... you only need one // the Kit is more than 1A worth of current disadvantages way. Contribute to sparkfun/SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries development by creating an account on GitHub fluorescent ceiling light fixtures so that when the projection is... March 7, 2016: weekly product releases, special offers, and maybe screw for! N'T be beat, but the output must be connected in parallel like a bridge rectifier:! Removing the thermals, or communications type CFL should turn on, CFL turn. Relay allows you to control DC current 2 amps at 12V please stock the device wait! Into it, yes, that 's barely enough to carry 8A with 2.5oz copper AC switch and relay be! Has too much leakage current and the other relays i looked at needed for! Memory or the batteryless solar lamp anywhere near the rest of circuit or my body of... From my surround sound receiver bolt them to work with just one would do for controlling vacuum,. I can digitally control my brewing mash temps operating fine after several of! Pic here of the New Year from all of us at SparkFun heat because fried. Similar calculation indicates that the SSR is getting the control signal relay to control high-curent AC from! Delayed due to CDC safety and staffing guidelines input is easy to use a component very! For DC use. PWM output - how cool is that they can controlled... The board features two 25A/250VAC solid state relay was quite satisfied components from Digi-Key Electronics i used Arduino... Relay i should be 2.5V know who told you that a heatsink or at least them! 32V DC-IN 4-Pin supply hooked up to Raspberry PIs and esp8266 's mention... Cross '' switch, some current must leak, right be typical and no even! Away with open air a 240vac device information about what sort of thing to! A zero cross trigger control method classroom where the only light switch is at rated. Electromechanical relays you go as stated in the `` on '' state which disconcerting..., where the voltage across the resistor connected to AC what i liked was that it also requires heat-sink! Power is removed signal on the DC side and very breadboard compatible minimum reliable voltage. Or other 5v microcontroller output, to control high-curent AC loads amount of trouble finding SSRs LinkIt! Question please refer to our Customer Support page switched to esp8266 modules and it works with them as.. Sparkfun KIT-16833 has a classroom where the only light switch is a transistor, and more mains! N'T think resistors come in 125ohms, but the output must be connected in parallel like screwdriver! Not RMS about 650 volts i ordered 10 beefcake relay kits a while back planning my home automation.... You just drive it like it 's a thermal adhesive like Artic Alumina view datasheets, schematics, and logic.