Now, a team led by HKUST data scientists Prof. Matthew MCKAY and Dr. Ahmed Abdul QUADEER have identified a set of B cell and T cell epitopes derived from SARS – protein fragments that can trigger the immune response against SARS-CoV – that may similarly trigger an immune response against the novel coronavirus. Donald C Chang : Adjunct Professor: Tom Cheung: Assistant Professor: Toyotaka Ishibashi: Assistant Professor Some other HKUST professors will also speak at the Forum and learn more: Signal Processing meets Immunology: Towards a Hepatitis C Vaccine via High-Dimensional Covariance EstimationSpeaker: Matthew McKay, Hari Harilela Associate Professor, Electronic and Computer Engineering Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Abstract “Among the SARS epitopes that can trigger an immune action, we found a small fraction which exists in both SARS and COVID-19, with their genetic sequences being exactly the same. 2 L2S - Laboratoire des signaux et systèmes Abstract: Robust high dimensional covariance estimators are considered, comprising regularized (linear shrinkage) modifications of Maronna's classical M-estimators. "Traffic scheduling and rate adaptation for IEEE 802.11n MIMO wireless networks," (RGC CERG HKUST 610307) Investigator: K. B. Letaief (Project Manager) and M. Hamdi: Funding: $369,600 Granted for 2008-2009 "Making Hong Kong a high-technology leader in wireless communications product innovations … Matthew McKay (Project Manager) and K. B. Letaief: Funding: $400,000 Granted for 2008-2010 : 6. Prof. Matthew MCKAY Elected 2021 IEEE Fellow 23/12/2020 Prof. Pascale Fung is recognized for her significant contributions toward statistical NLP, comparable corpora, and building intelligent systems that can understand and empathize with humans. Prof. Matthew McKay, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Quadeer, and Mr. Syed Faraz Ahmed, PhD student – recently identified a set of potential vaccine targets. They drew on data previously collated to fight the SARS-CoV virus, which caused the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003. [+] Speaker: Prof. Matthew McKay (HKUST) (June 12, 2020, 10:00am) Title : Computational approaches for guiding rational vaccine design: Case studies in HCV, HIV, and COVID-19 ( DataSci ) Abstract : This talk will describe how computational modelling and high-dimensional statistics can aid the rational design of vaccines. 2011-07-08. Here are the most popular tips to help you stay awake! The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's engineering professors Matthew McKay and Bing Zeng from the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering were recently awarded the 2011 Stephen O Rice Prize in the Field of Communications Theory and the 2011 … HKUST Sets Up Platform for Real-time Reporting of Vaccine Target Recommendations for COVID-19. The HKPFS provides a generous stipend and travel support to its awardees, in order to attract the best and brightest students from all around the world to pursue their PhD in Hong Kong. This work presents theoretical advances in the field of high-dimensional random matrix theory and, in particular, of relevance to the applied statistics community. Details Research 26 February 2020 A team of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has recently made an important discovery in identifying a set of potential vaccine targets for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, providing crucial leads for guiding experimental efforts towards the vaccine development against the novel pneumonia (COVID-19) caused by the virus. Prof Matthew McKay (third from right) with the Stephen O Rice Prize: When it comes to electronic communications, HKUST is right up there with the best of them. HKUST professor Matthew MCKAY said: “While an effective SARS vaccine was never formally released, a lot of experiments had been done to identify SARS epitopes that can induce an immune response in humans. According to the HKUST, “Scientists have been drawing on previous data and knowledge of the SARS virus in search of a way to crack SARS-CoV-2.” Are you having hard time staying awake in your online class? The awardees were selected by the Research Award Committee which was chaired by Prof Joseph Lee, HKUST Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. HKUST Professors' Breakthrough Research Work in Electronic Communications Win Prestige IEEE Awards .