A Visual Studio Code extension that generates a table of contents for your markdown file. Suppose the Markdown file to convert is named sample_readme.md. It benefits long-form content because it shows the user a handy overview of what content there is with a convenient way to get there. It went perfectly in StackEdit—even generated a linked table of contents with the handy little [TOC] marker. Clicking on the name of a section in the table of contents sends you directly to that section in the content itself. The screenshot below shows a Markdown file displayed in the Atom text editor. mdtoc is a utility for generating a table-of-contents for markdown files.. Only github-flavored markdown is currently supported, but I am open to accepting patches to add other formats. In short the features of markdown-toc are: Cross platform (OS X, Linux, Windows) Syntax highlighting to code blocks in markdown files using PrismJS. This cmdlet converts the contents of a Markdown file into a Markdowninfo object in PowerShell. You can add Markdown formatting elements to a plaintext file using a text editor application. IntersectionObserver markdown navigation vue animations Learn Development at Frontend Masters A table of contents is a list of links that allows you to quickly jump to specific sections of content on the same page. The TOC is generated when the tag is added and there's at least one heading on the page. No good! For example, here's what Google sheets will look like: Choose Embed, check your settings, click on Publish and copy the