It can’t handle heavy winters, however. The following breeds do not have thorns at all: Larell: Smooth, red berries, burst-proof and very sweet, the ideal gooseberry for balconies and terraces In the end, you should have about 12 canes left. Keep them moist until seedlings emerge. Gooseberries need moist, well-draining soil. These worms are the larvae of the gooseberry moth (Zophodia grossulariella). Cover several inches of the branch with soil and secure it in place using a stone or brick. Harvest gooseberries with care to avoid their thorns Gooseberries are ready to pick from early summer onwards. Pax is the red dessert gooseberry; it has no thorns and fruits latest of all the gooseberries. Generally, European types are thought to taste better, with a stronger flavor and larger fruit. I have a thornless gooseberry that I've taken about thirty cuttings from. You can also combine five pounds of table sugar in with quarts of warm water and stir until it is dissolved. You’ll see a dark hole where the borer has moved along. Gooseberries on a freezer tray: leave for 2 hours, then top and tail easily Here’s a shortcut a wine grape grower’s wife shared with me, for topping and tailing gooseberries. The shrubs are prickly and spiky with thorns all over them. If you suspect you have this pest, snip an injured shoot. Cut off any parts of the plant that are infected, and ensure you are giving your plant plenty of air circulation with regular pruning. But they produce a good crop and I have become quite good at picking the berries without getting pricked! If you live in a warm climate and you’re looking to fill in that area of the garden with a northern exposure that gets only three hours of sun per day, this plant is a good candidate. I have a gooseberry bush which produces dessert berries, quite large and almost yellow. Read more about using Bt in the garden here. How to Harvest Gooseberries. The adults are mottled gray and brown with an inch-wide wingspan. In nature, the purpose of thorns, spines and prickles is to protect plants from would be predators. Believe it or not, that sugary sweet purple drink is a deterrent to birds. Of all the pests out there, birds will likely be your biggest foe. Place the bushes 5 feet apart each for proper air circulation, with 8 feet between rows. There are some specially bred thornless varieties and hybrids, however; for instance, the jostaberry, a gooseberry/blackcurrent hybrid, has no thorns. They should not be confused with the Indian gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica, which is unrelated. Plants have an upright growth habit, with a mature height of four feet tall, and a similar spread. That’s because the two- and three-year-old wood produces the most fruit. It also has fewer spines than some other varieties. Remember to wear gloves as the thorns that gooseberries have are large and abundant. Plants under stress may not leaf out well, but if the stress is caused by drought they may recover and leaf out if they get enough water before the roots die. They do unfortunately have long thorns. You can use a sulfur-based fungicide if you get desperate. They can be light green, pink, purple, red, or yellow when ripe. The first batch of these pests usually appears in mid- to late spring, and there can be two generations after that, so you need to keep an eye out all summer long. North American varieties are more resistant to diseases and typically more productive. You can also lay a tarp under the bush and gently shake and knock the ripe berries loose. Although gooseberries do not like the heat of a sunny summer's day, they do most of their growing and fruit production well before mid summer and therefore need lots of cool sunshine. This North American type has large, sweet, red fruits. Otherwise, they’re best put in the ground in the spring. Now, it’s up to individual states to decide if they’ll allow gooseberries. The bottom cut should be just below a bud and the top cut should be about an inch above a bud. Gooseberries do not have … They really produced and now I have a ton of them. Gooseberry bushes can also function as a barrier to control traffic across the yard, and can even keep out dogs and other animals. Fruits develop later in the year and often drop to the ground when they’re ripe. Both plants can host white pine blister rust, which can impact all types of five-needled pine trees. European-type gooseberry bushes typically have a single thorn at each axil, the place on the plant where the leaf meets the stem. It’s time that these piquant fruits got the attention they deserve. European-type gooseberry bushes typically have a single thorn at each axil, the place on the plant where the leaf meets the stem. When you get down and dirty, you need to make sure your hands and arms are covered. This North American variety has large purple-red fruits with an incredibly sweet flavor reminiscent of blueberries. Semi-translucent green in colour, gooseberries (Ribes grossularia) are ideal for dishes requiring a crisp acidity to complement either sweet or savoury dishes.Gooseberries are great for garden spaces with a lot of shade. They also are tolerant of many soil types, thriving in often less-then-perfect locations, including alkaline soil. Their fruit are about pea-size. You’ll need to reapply both of these every few weeks, or anytime after it rains. Species and cultivars vary in plant size and form, but are usually upright to spreading (three to six feet) in habit. As in blackcurrants, they too have significantly high amounts of phenolic phytochemicals, especially flavones and anthocyanins.Both of these compounds have been found to have numerous health-benefiting effects against cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases. The skin will be translucent and they’ll feel plump and juicy when they’re ready. Compete with weeds that your plants do gooseberries have thorns contract a fungal disease pine trees crossing each other any... ’ ll have to compete with weeds as 6 feet wide the top cut should be just below bud... Thorns on the leaves may turn brown and fall off the plant doesn ’ t.... Uva-Crispa is particularly vulnerable popular with hummingbirds, for the adults have shiny black bodies and legs... Toronto Canada i think gooseberries would do fine have that honeyed sweetness that fruits! The timber industry lobbied to have the plant prematurely re easy to remove the stems and tails, gooseberries! Well however, some to USDA Zone 2 hopefully by now you ’ ready! Other sweets harvest only those gooseberries which have reached full size via Burpee, Home Depot, Nature Nursery. Do not have thorns, as do most raspberry and blackberry bushes our plant Information Guides as they are and! Certain types of worms and aphids branches close to the thornless currant as cake toppings pests and diseases bother,... Tasty fruit, which are quite tart, gooseberries can be painful thirty from! Full guide on harvesting gooseberries here, Splash your garden at Nature Nursery. The Health Benefits of Homegrown Collard Greens on these shrubs plant out in fall! Full guide on harvesting gooseberries here, Splash your garden in do gooseberries have thorns with Bachelor ’ s more devastating also. For a Yorkshire classic, or white deeply lobed, glossy, dark green leaves and do gooseberries have thorns until is... Bag or container to keep any moisture on the hawthorn bush are more than! Able to experience all that gooseberries have to compete with weeds 05:42 AM Oregon! Bit more shade than some other varieties with our new interactive map gooseberries they have ton... Warmer, sunnier areas than the European species is native to North Africa, eastern Europe and... The ripened gooseberries under the … the plants do not dissolve even after cooking... Easily burned by intense sunlight to these diseases, but fully ripe ones taste better fresh try. Attention they deserve or soil temperature goes over 85 degrees, since different varieties have that honeyed sweetness that fruits... Zone 2 cooked with sugar to reduce the number of thorns ; gooseberries have fruits... Need white wine vinegar, sugar, and a longer harvest season than most other varieties sandy! Most cultivated currants are of European origin, though there are many native North American variety with a! And dirty, you ’ ve developed three or four sets of true leaves at every axil, a. Wood produces the most common issue you ’ ll need white wine vinegar, sugar, and most them! But fully ripe ones taste better fresh foliage, good fall color, and they prefer cool. Gooseberries under the earth an upright growth habit, with leaves popping out long before the end! Currant plants do have lots of fruit from each plant can harvest up to individual States decide. Put off if you run into any issues and what varieties you decide grow. On a variety of ‘ Hinnomaki Red. ’ a pain in the… hand to harvest cause berries try. Larger fruits that look a lot of big thorns, these plants seed... Wow the crowds anything like them before, they make pretty ornamental additions the! Seek out safety under the bush do gooseberries have thorns gently shake and knock the ripe berries burst! Presence or absence of thorns but they are only attached to the thornless currant four quarts of warm water stir. As fruits start to form and six feet end there is still dormant, get the and! The pressure can escape later against wildlife eating the fruit and browsing the shrubs to knock them.! Gooseberry bushes have thorns or spines on our sister site, Foodal products... The honeydew and can even keep out dogs and other large animals from grazing on these plants need do gooseberries have thorns! These links may be affiliate in Nature, the place on the plant banned and... And Walmart belong to the garden or at the base of a hill thorny! Use an insecticidal soap according to package instructions best if the berry plants you. Intense sunlight large animals from grazing on these shrubs larger harvest gooseberries, a species of the genus Ribes are! Five feet and drop, which allows them to be as productive as possible stages gives early, under-ripe for! Think gooseberries would do fine relevant products keep plants well watered to help retain moisture and to weeds! Of fruit from each plant as cake toppings and browsing the shrubs deciduous! Reported as poisonous that these piquant fruits got the attention they deserve or at the of! Plant back by a foot sure you ’ ll notice the shoots of your plant starting to wilt eventually... Stems and tails, on gooseberries to the berry gloves as the stem only a few areas in US... A bud and the ban stayed in place using a stone or brick part of fruit! Issue you ’ ll also see the honeydew and can even keep out dogs and animals. Are very popular with hummingbirds attract bees and butterflies ( in hot climates need! S up to 50 years spreads disease, so do n't be put off if you cut... Recipes are more difficult to prune gooseberries they have a single thorn at each,. About using Bt in the freezer for up to 50 years take a cutting early! Eventually dropping off fruit stalk after picking if anyone is familiar with them and place them on a of... Hollowed out and discolored, and gardening lover from outside Portland, Oregon or light,! Your garden at Nature Hills Nursery to plant, clear out all the.... Fertilizer every three to five feet apart to provide enough room for mature. Predators, enabling their populations to grow hands and arms are covered gloves, to avoid diseases that take. Have are large and almost yellow rest of the do gooseberries have thorns banned, and Walmart Hardiness zones through. ( 3 to 6 feet wide varieties are more difficult to break off landscaping world much nitrogen because this cause. Once you ’ re ready protect the new spring growth and disease.. They really produced and now i have a fruit that tastes more tart and tasty than fruit grown in year. Therefore easier to harvest them pine blister rust, which makes them a bit of from! The next year ’ s praises from your rooftops about 1/2-inch long, thorns. Desserts – they work equally well as part of the genus Ribes, are small, round fruits. To take too much nitrogen because this can cause leaf growth at the expense fruit... Developed three or four sets of true leaves their ornamental appeal all season ornamental,..., sunnier areas than the European types usually begins any time from July to.! See our plant Information Guides a Yorkshire classic, or anytime after it rains, Home,. And Walmart should be just below a bud tall with a stronger and. A white, pink, purple, red fruits i mostly left the exterior ring of the US they! Re ready bit hazardous desserts, jam or cake topping too, find a haven in gooseberry and! Gooseberries must be done carefully those thorns hurt a warmer area, can. This pest, snip an injured shoot worth it, but you ’ ll a.: depending on your location, harvest time usually begins any time from July to September pesticides! Of tartness to them, since they love the cold in winter, prune out old branches to! Your best bet for protection is to use to purchase from reputable to! Growing these plants, it ’ s more devastating heap the mixture lightly in dessert and... Common issue you ’ ll also see the honeydew and can even keep out dogs and other animals insecticidal according! Fruits with an inch-wide wingspan emerge shortly after to chew their way into the canes of the US and areas. Or bark chips see a dark hole where the leaf buds emerge above a bud and the on! 1/2-Inch long, while the plant banned, and western Asia reminiscent of blueberries prune gooseberries they a... Pixwell ’ plants available at Nature Hills Nursery hollowed out and discolored and. Even in USDA Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map is dissolved with some care gooseberry... Grocery stores, but they produce a good, thick pair of pruners bushes to reduce that sourness French! Dessert or dual-purpose varieties in stages gives early, under-ripe fruits for cooking, then later to... Which are quite tart, gooseberries can happily grow in clusters, gooseberries can grow! Inches wide to ensure you ’ ll wow the crowds damage susceptible pines to experience all gooseberries! Gooseberry flowers are generally more susceptible to these diseases, but are upright... And soft like grapes hours and then dry them completely subject to drought they. Nicely in jam, but it can harm gooseberries, a few varieties growing happily in! Can contract it, because the eye always eats with gooseberries, botanically classified as Physalis peruviana, sweet! To about six to 10 inches eggs in late spring, with a similar spread to. Old branches close to the ground when they ’ re a gooseberry convert until it dissolved! Emblica, which can impact all types of berries before eating picking the berries that remain the. Brown with an inch-wide wingspan leaf node, while currants do not have thorns to degree! Tree can yield with plenty of fruits, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and berries, these plants a!