Why isn’t there a group to preapprove the way they advertise these supplements? Add me please. I’ve bought this for my husband for years. Add me to the suit. After buying him the huge container of the powder, he tried to carry it through the inspection lines at the airport. We have bought sooooo much of this from Costco and Walmart. is_redirect && ! I buy Muscle Milk 5 to 6 times a week. Please add me to this settlement or give me the information that I need so that I can app;y before it’s too late. I would love to be a Claims Representative and/or part of this Class Action Lawsuit, Been drinking this for years and feel like I was really ripped off. Sign up for our free newsletter. Please add us , thank you . And come to find out its labeled wrong. Please add me. Image courtesy of http://www.musclemilk.com/wp-content//uploads/sites/3/2016/01/Muscle-Millk-Genuine-RTD-Cover-2-380×430.png, President Designates First Marine National Monument. Yes, we buy the Muscle Milk shakes every week. final approval of the settlement. My husband has been drinking this for a year now. Please add me, My daughter been using this a couple of years.trying to keep up her weight as sh is I’ll.sorry to hear this.why do they lie?$$i guess while lives are at stake sad. Don’t have a receipt though. We bought this product for my grandson, he’s an athlete and wanted to build muscle. No matter how little food I ate I could never lose any weight. You must contact the Is there a claim form that can be filled out or is it too late.