Do people think they are unsafe. The linkage to the piston was broke and I planned on making another one. The wind is blowing to the right by me out at 50 yards. Those pellets gave me nearly 1″ groups at 12 yards in my gun so you may have better groups to look forward to from other pellets. One other design factor was the (weight) of the pin assy.. Obviously something heavy would absorb all of the energy and not move. Would not cock with the new spring so I put the old spring back in. I bought one, more to see what a communist Chinese airgun looked like than anything. Like Chris’s target also. So if it’s the barrel it was that way from the factory. Yup. SKU. Chris It hit did hit to the left but about 15 feet. They say it does. BB—- I have a B3-1. It just didn’t come to mind. When the rifle arrived I was not very impressed. The shot goes off. This entry was posted in airgun design , Airgun History Project , Collecting and tagged 1970's , 20th century , air rifle , air rifles , airguns , collectible guns , RWS Hobby pellets , single-shot , spring-piston , Spring-piston rifles , velocity , vintage airguns . Page down. Don’t know if this is the case with many of the 1077 and Wildfire barrels but sure made a difference on my Wildfire. So I took off the scope stop, and the scope promptly walked off the gun (luckily, I caught it before it his the ground!). 1295-5. I wear glasses only for reading. Chinese Model B3 Air Rifle Mods: part one Acquired two Chinese underlever spring piston B3 air rifles a few years ago from a traveling tool-selling company; each rifle was $19.95. And you know me. I didn’t expect the B3 to be in the same class as the FWB, but like I said, I was curious to see what a communist nation would put out. That is the good news. . Don So I should have gotten the high rings instead of the medium rings. So it is nice to be able to reference the wind. The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them.,,,,,,,, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 3, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 2, Umarex ReadyAir portable compressor: Part 1, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 2. I made it easy. I been shooting out at 200 yards at a 1 gallon plastic milk bottle. Shoot again with the same wind I described but aim dead on and I hit. They are all real guns. I also have a side lever version. The wood finish is easier to see. On the back side of the target that the cartridge sets in is smaller than the rim of the cartridge. Don Now that is what I am talking about. I asked everyone I could email what to do, even here. Here is why you, as a collector, should care. I’m just trying to figure out a way to get you shooting sooner without have to order and wait again. And,.. as I usually do,.. it was all thought out ahead of time and worked the first time. And I’m sure if the skirt was exsposed it would scrape the skirt as the clip indexed. That did not make any difference. By no means do I recommend anyone trying these reactive targets without being aware of posabilties that could occur in multiple ways. From what I said above on wind directions. Post a picture of your 34 and we can compare the set up to the Urban. Later Tim, Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. Or the trigger return spring is broken. Also, I don’t want to do any kind of hack job on the mounts to make them work. I’m thinking we will get out with the 34 and a few airguns this weekend. And have to say the big bolt ball is great for that And mind you I never missed a shot out of that 10 round mag. I think I see something. ( I guess before he even sees it) I can hardly stand the usual couple of days it normally takes to ship. Yes, that is how it works. Remember the nail cartridge or blank is only a bit bigger diameter than .22 caliber. per page. (At least) every 25 yards. The pull is 13.25 inches, which is short for an adult rifle, but still within the acceptable range. I will probably be embarrassed when I see how it works. The B3 front sight is an assembly that has been slipped over the barrel and anchored by a cross pin that’s drilled through the barrel. First I must note that what I am calling the B3 is designated the B3-1 on Stephen Archer’s website. But it’s just a guess. I’m going to copy the link to your picture and post it here. Most people love Snoop’s respect for the little .22, saying they “get up in ya like a pinball, rip [you] up.”. If you are target shooting it is ok to not wear you prescription glasses, Safety glasses though should be worn. It’s a slang term used by knowledgeable insiders on lots of topics. The Pellet Rifle by many names, but most commonly known as the B3. I don’t think it is me because I can keep the crosshairs or the dot sight centered and not moving more than a quarter inch from before the trigger pull to after the pellet strikes the target. This useful kit contains a selection of spare parts for the Industry Brand B3-1. they make a set of ring that off set the scope to the rear about an inch and a half but not sure where to find the , u should gougle them they do not cost to much. You, (of all people) need some of those wind indicators like Vana2 showed us all how to make with his guest blog awhile back. I want the gun in my hands and shooting yesterday. I pushed a couple of pellets in from the muzzle and it seemed like there could be something catching the pellet right at the crown. SKU : 1292-5. The amount of rust was shocking. When I saw that I just thought, ” Ol’ Gunfun must think everybody shoots at least 2 hours everyday. ( and more importantly I hope I’m right about how it works!). He describes a cartridge being installed somewhere. Yep when I order something I want it yesterday. The silver are nice to add a little “bling” to your gun. One other dimension that you may want to look at on those mounts is the distance from the bottom of the offset ring down to the shelf that forms the offset. ; If you would like to contribute to this … I want to keep things simple without adding extra hardware. I just texted you a message about your picture. Yep I guess that drooper mount is one peice and it would go over the loading port. I also made a grove inside the plastic sight tube and put an o-ring in it to hold the barrel snug. Then you have to figure out if it was from the work that was done or if there are other issues with it in the first place. The bad news is I am getting about 1.5 inch groups at 10 yards with all the pellets I have tried. Package says 800-900 fps, I thought I was buying 400-450 fps. /blog/2010/08/industry-brand-b3-1-part-3/. That would put the offset at 1.4 inches front of clamp to front of ring. I am going to post at the bottom referencing the BKL offset rings. Nor would I sell one. You have my other ides in my other post on the other blog. Thanks for all your suggestions though. they get it from a companu in china. So yes, at least a slightly higher ring(s) would be in order. Before I bow to Stephen’s greater familiarity with Chinese airguns, though, I must note that the label B3 and B3-1/2 is used randomly all over the internet. Not that it’s the problem. They use a kind of a funnel shaped breech seal, which destroys itself quickly. And it’s about a 8 mph wind from what I can tell. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. Then about a 100 yards the taller grass and such I can see blowing to the left. To me it looks like there is light or should I say space inbetween the front objective bell and the barrel and breech. I don’t think I’m doing anything fiddly when I shoot but I will pay attention the next time I have it out. The metal appears not to have been polished and bears some grinder marks on the outside of the spring tube. That is what the pellet hits. While it is not obvious in the picture, the front L block and rear L block are identical in dimension and mounting. The more parts the less secure the scope will be. He remains silent on that question. Just an idea. So now it was time to go back inside and get a little more aggressive. I did try it out the other day 1x and the sound was a bit subdued,… but it was pointed into the woods. It’s difficult to see in a photo but it jumps out when you hold the rifle. Not exactly the same,.. but sort of related. Oh and nice looking gun by the way. My brain don’t like to flip things upside down. The 2 blocks are held apart by conduit couplings. Do you have a scope mounted on your Gamo Urban’s? The sparrows won’t stand a chance this year! Drawing that is. Pressed into the ground, I can mow right over them. Just sayin’ there Homie,…. You make yourself understood and that’s the main thing. That will make the closer shots seem even easier. That looks like a good result to me and you arrived at it on your own, which makes it that much sweeter. Under Lever Air Rifle QB36-1. Geo’s setup looks like it has 2 bolts per ring. I don’t know. Wow,…you were quick on that. Halfstep B3-2 and B3-4 air rifles. If so it is old. It verily does stuff in normal mode. So,.. there is already stuff out there like it. I guess the UTG scopes are a little heavier, which I can accept because of the quality and ruggedness of them. FREE SHIPPING OVER $100 for most products, We Only Accept US Bank-Issued Credit Cards, Repair Parts Kit for Industry Brand B-3 Air Rifles. And I forgot about the verbiage in that clip. . When the rear sight is too close to your eye the notch becomes both too large to use and also out of focus. /blog//wp-content/uploads/2018/03/GamoUrban5.jpg. I don’t want to take my Wildfires apart if I can avoid it because of the leak issues I’ve had, but I may be able to use a cheap bore scope that I have to look at the crowns on my Wildfires and 1077s, since that front sight just slides out and leaves a bigger hole to work with. It was beat up bad. Although it is not shooting bad as is. On the other hand, I will be making comparisons, so I still don’t know. Brainy Quotes attributes it to Voltaire:, But the really interesting link is to a NASA document by that name: I though about doing that, but I didn’t want to confuse readers. And my whole target would be made from a 1/8″ plate. Sorry for any confusion it is a Remington model 34 22lr Put a 3 rail 5 slot barrel accessory mount on the barrel just forward of the barrel block and mounted a 4×32 Aim scout scope on it w/ a see-thru mount so I can also use the iron sights. Usually the accuracy will come in. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. I hope a good memory never becomes a prerequisite for commenting on this blog! It got boxed up and sent back. I was just quoting what you said about yourself in past subjects. I think I paid less than $60 for a Norinco JW15, I think its called. I do not shoot it , now that I have better air rifles. I took mechanical drafting and machine shop till I graduated high school. And that is why I usually stay away from the shorter scopes now. A bit to over thought I’m afraid. This indicates to me that passive holding and active lifting are not the same. The barrel had to take care of itself. My B3-1 that I bought new years ago still has a deep blue on the metal and no visible rust. Point is it’s pretty much a guess out that far. Also, the straps are .6″ where as my UTGs are .812″. Pyramyd Air currently has six different new (not refurbs) wood stocked spring piston air rifles for less than amount. As a result, the metal is rusty and there are large dents in the stock. B.B., a google search on “Better is the enemy of good enough,” turned up some interesting results! Why not just keep a grip on the cocking lever? They do this by substituting materials once they get into high rate production. And had a dry seal, is very clean, meets your description, only wood much better and shoots very accurately and it’s just lot of fun! If 5# is already there,.. and it takes 10# to do the job,… then only 5# of additional fpe is required. It just didn’t come to mind. The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. I got me a dumb phone. reviewed and tuned for me. Very nice group of .155″ ctc. Well regarding the noise level, my wife always complained when I was shooting my RWS34 in the basement. I plan on catching up with him this spring and see if he really wants to sell anything. But here’s something for you about size and distance to target with my design. I use the term ‘Real Steel” a lot when I’m comparing an airgun to an actual firearm. Other than that, it works as intended, is safe and easy to use. I saw my first B3 advertised in an American Rifleman ad in about 1986. Thanks, I saved a copy of your spreadsheet screen shot to my Wildfire folder. Yep so far so good on shooting your Urban. What a coincidence! It made not difference in my gun because its accuracy was so bad small improvements did nothing. I took the Wildfire apart and checked the original barrel it was rough when seating a pellet and was also very hard to push the pellet past the crown. The cartridge, as you can guess, goes on the inside of the upper L block. I shot 12 shots with open sights just to get the gun to settle in. If you go to a craft store of any size, you will find a variety of “tweezers”. Just a thought. I was just checking a search on the B-3’s and found them on Amazon for about $50 new so the price has stayed consistent for 30 something years. That was impressive velocity for the time. Not sure about the bolt clearance though. What windage hold should I use? The wood? Over thought? . But they have a less expensive line of knives, Byrd, that are made for them in China. Lighter will allow maximum energy transfer and movement, but may bend. That was a very meticulous approach you took. Nor would I collect one. You only do what you do. Well the other things too. Next time I will put the barrel in the drill press and just hold the diamond cone in the barrel. GF1, Way back, somewhere around 2004 and 2005, I bought a .22 caliber Chinese B3-3 air rifle.It was purchased primarily to introduce friends to air rifles. Well,… aren’t you the talented one? Only the pin moves, very slightly. My next step may be to replace the barrel with the one in the parts gun I picked up. Shaoxing Snowpeak Air Gun Factory, was established in 1976, specialized in manufacturing guns (ammo) for civilian use approved by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China. I bought some Chinese knives at the same time, and had the same sad opinion on their quality. Put a pellet inside the breech end of the barrel. Filter by. The L blocks are mounted with 2″,.. 1/4″ lag bolts. I shot 5 more into that 1/2″ dot then changed to a fresh target and shot a 10 shot group. I looked up those rings and it shows an offset of 0.6 inches. Were you the reader that posted the exploding target shaped like a grenade the other day? I believe those will accomplish the need for a closer eye relief and are high too. Out at 150 or so yards it’s blowing with a head wind to the right. Interesting. And had no head wind only cross winds on that holdover. And I have brought this up in the past. The plastic underlever cocking handle was cracked, the metal finish was dull and uneven, the wood was pallet-grade hardwood covered by a thick shellac that had an orange cast. Don I believe I was wrong on the 0.6 offset on the BKL rings. Nice feel, heavy wood stock, trigger guard and trigger, stamped steel, OK, but a bit on the cheapo side. The only way I can see if I hit is if the bottle moves. The safety is not automatic on the Maximus by the way. It works (very) well for a quick edge on my kitchen knives. Log in to Reply. But I have not had a barrel out on a 1077 or the WildFire I have. This is a top view, at a slight angle. Shanghai Gong Zi Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd.-Shanghai Air Gun factory was established in 1957 and it is the oldest air gun manufacturer in China. Reader Jerry C commented that he just bought an Urban. I can be tight that way sometimes. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for emails. And I have brought this up in the past. Well I went squirrel hunting and guess what I had to put my glasses on to see a squirrel and then take them off to shoot. Quick Shop. For me, I want the front bell as low as possible to the gun. You keep saying other barrel or original barrel. There are ten pellets in that one hole. I don’t know if you saw his comment but he had his shipped to someone to polish the barrel and rework the trigger before he shoots it. The rest of the time it was lower. That was at the same time that I got the Benjamin 392 that I tested for you already. I would expect that the maker would cut it away enough to fit almost any scope but it wouldn’t hurt to know for sure if you can find that spec. Halfstep Bill. Insert the pellet into the chamber and withdraw the loader. I remember your tip/tool. Therefore, I am going to continue to call this a B3 until someone gives me solid evidence that it isn’t. And what’s wrong with being a irregular person. Your sketches are fine. I posted some pictures on yesterday’s blog at the bottom in a reply to Chris USA. . I might tear into this one and tune it, just for the fun of it. Ours only got 550 FPS on rare occasions. There was a ridge at the crown. Shoots very good. Doing the math, it should be 1.4″ from the back of the mount to the back of the ring. Plus I want to hear from him on the shooting. I’ll post what I find if I decide to do it if you think you would be interested. from the gun in .177. They cycle fine with all others. Be the first to review this product . Well long for me. O.K., I think I understand now. Geo I’m going to try something here today to see if it works. Pelletier. I’ll have to see when he explains. Here’s a refresher. The “pin”, rides atop the plate. Today was supposed to be Part 2 of the FLZ Luftpistole. I did find some wood filler, which is a hallmark of the cheap Chinese spring gun. The use of the term “Real Steel” did not come out because of the use of air rifles but as a term to differentiate from the replicas that were being sold made from pot metal and plastic. Tony Belas has joined them. And to think more about it since I like to mod maybe I could modify my squirrel feild target to accept one of these cartridges like I said. Most B3s were sold by private gun dealers who bought them for next to nothing and sold them at gun shows. when are you going to get back to the Kral puncher breaker? That is it. If it don’t then more than likely there is a problem somewhere with the gun. Come to think of it, it resembles the insides of some Airsoft conversions to .177 BB pistols. , No doubt this is built with safety in mind. My bet is that you are going to be very happy with the Urban. Depends on the pellet! The guys had to do pull-ups. Trust me if the hole diameter of the back of the cartridge is exsposed it will set off the charge when hit. I have been doing some rediculous long range practicing with the .25 Condor SS. dave. . They never were much my thing anyways. Other wise yep they should hold up nice on a PCP. I would risk taking my gun apart again if I thought eliminating a crown issue would make it more accurate. The SYNSG (part of the 208 series) is our full size, full power flagship model, in the synthetic range. I have everything moved back as far as I can get it. I’m not so sure that hanging bodyweight is a good measure of what one can do. Then there’s a delay. Or are you done with the series on it? Still the same scatter in the group no better no worse. Take that front cover off for now. Sounds to me like the barrel is allowing the pellet to clip the front sight. The one that holds the piston latch rod/sear/catch (typish thingy). The guy looked pretty whooped as I recall and the biggest irony was as you said,.. the Orangutan was still ready to go on and on. Intended to only buy one, but after inspecting them, saw that this was an exceptional bargain; thus, 'my wife' got one, too. Wish List Compare. Shoot the gun like it is and order some offset rings. We did find that Capitalism and Democracies could beat Socialism’s worst form; Communism (National Socialism as a close second on the bad scale of human governance.). The back angled lip that the cartridge sets in would be welded to the back of the target plate. . I also like the flip-up lens covers, very nice. If the cylinder is not indexing all the time that could be it. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Chinese B3 .177 cal Air Rifle. Regarding the crossbow, sub 1 is mind boggling. I know Gunfun1 and B.B. It will be difficult for many shooters to use it. I described the loaders in my posts re the Diana. It takes 15 seconds to reload a new nail gun cartridge. I made several for my Diana Mauser 98 . I hadn’t thought of that at all. Chris MMCM13, I for sure don’t hit everytime. I said I needed another picture showing what it looks like when you shoot at it. But, the parts have also been found suitable for use in a number of other air rifles. The guy could have touched his foot too to make things even and then they could have kept going I suppose. It will be a while before I can try that because the weather here in southwest MI is still a little cold. The Daisy hollow points were the best for me in the class of reasonably priced ammo. B.B. The only modification I made to it was to sand its awful stock down and coat it with black truck bed liner. thunder. Tony was with BSA many years ago, and I think he is directing their new emergence. I would compare the Urban’s noise level to be similar to an air nail gun. I posted some pictures of my Gama Urban on yesterday’s blog at the bottom in a reply to Chris USA. And of course just joking. Show. And, maybe I am not doing something quite right as I cycle the bolt? Never thought about it or searched it. The B3-1 is still being offered for sale today. Mine are 4 5/8″ long or 117 mm. I did mine. The breech end of the 1077 gun was better than the original Wildfire barrel and I had already cleaned up the crown on the 1077 so I put it in. My schedule and basic satellite (Direct TV) prevents me from following any series and such. On the subject of hanging from a bar, one might wonder what is the outer limit of what people can do. This is probably the link: This is meant to be used at 25-50 yards and 1 1/2″ target area will suffice nicely for that. A pure guess, but that is the first place I would look. The first pellet didn’t leave the barrel. The marks have been blued over, so they were there at the factory. The retail price of this little rifle is about $75. Thanks for taking the time to post your success. It did not make any difference in the groups but did take all the play out of the barrel. It should still be interesting to see how it does though. I have used plumbing washers and short sections of 3/8″ rubber hose to make breech seals, but they don’t last very long. , 200 yards,…. Another reason why I like repeaters. I'm still not sure if he was trying to make the box airtight or protect me from the interior contents. Will keep you updated on my progress with the Urban. This is what I was hoping for. I hope a good memory never becomes a prerequisite for commenting on this blog! It should fit the rifle nicely. Just a guess, but I would bet that a spring up in the trigger mech. I prefer to think of it as (over built) and (safe). Scrip. I hope you don’t mind. Since you have been shooting a unsilenced springer I wanted your view on it. If it turns out that you only need a small amount of additional adjustment, do you have the ability to cut and file a new profile to the front of the rear mount that would let the turret slide further back?You may only have 1 set of cap screws on that over band but it should hold the scope OK. Have you fired the gun indoors yet and if so, what is your impression of the noise level? Then have a pin on the back of the paddle that rests on the rim of the cartridge like how my target is. You have given me more info on this B-3 subject enough to get me to find it and drag it out! Fun is what this was all about. After it was all over, I still had the same opinion of cheap Chinese air rifles, ... For the Chinese B3-2, the underlever .177, use a 1/4 beveled washer, with a 9/16″ OD, found in the plumbing section of Home Depot, 10 washers for under $2.00. Do the older B3’s have leather piston seals? I will keep you updated on any new developments. The pellet will hit the cartridge with more force than a pin. And here I go. If I had planned it I would have taken it apart today, but I had a couple errands that kept me from having the time, so I decided to move on to the B3 underlever I picked up in Weatherford Pawn shop a couple weeks ago. But the girls, since they were not considered strong enough, had to hang from a bar as long as they could. I have tryed a Bic pen cap as well as just pushing with my finger. Very nice. . Then all of a sudden I see the bottle jump. Halfstep I’ll just post it here again for no paticular reason. Your rifle may be missing some parts. My wife did not complain while I shot 20 shots in the basement yesterday…and that’s a good thing , At my expense of course. I have a B3 from which I cut off the original sight and mounted a sight from another gun up on the barrel block. “Don ——-Ed. I have two, .177, .22. Now I can try different pellets and fill pressures if I want to but the gun is supposed to be a good plinker and I really don’t need it to be any more accurate if the accuracy holds. Between the 2 blocks is a piece of 11 ga. steel plate (1/8″ thick), that backs up the cartridge across the center. =)~. I got to thinking that I better check the BKL site. I suggested the same thing, if for no reason other than to just see how much he needs. Some times slower gives better accuracy. And a now I usually still clean my lens on the scopes as needed with the wiping clothe they give with scopes. No room to reply on your comment about 50 yards. I have shot about 40 shots through my Urban and sometimes the bolt hangs a little when pushing the pellet into the chamber and I have to fiddle with a little to get the pellet to chamber. I want to see what it will do out at 50 yards. And do the lead in on the breech end too if you can. Or something is holding the sear from engaging. Don’t count on it. 4 Items . Thanks. The gun is also inaccurate. I wrote my question below before you hit post with your explanation. I just shoot them. A wood loader will be crushed by the compression chamber, but it is probably not going to fly out of the gun. Thanks. No power, no accuracy, soft steel, horrible machining…I gave the gun away. I just posted this above without looking at the comments. Geo. ... Chinese rifle, I've only fired a few rounds, impressive power. It did though have a anti-bear trap safety like most newer ones that slides under the trigger. It’s really getting a lot of use these days as replicas are becoming indistinguishable from real steel firearms that in turn are actually becoming more like plastic airguns ? It had the flip up cap like you have drawn. If you haven’t already tried it, use the mag and clip from your 1077 in different combinations to see if that gives better results. Yes I changed barrels. But yep that set up on your 34 will slide right on the Urban. . I more or less deep seat the pellets in the clip. The rifle I’m testing has an anti-beartrap, so it isn’t the oldest B3 out there. It’s what I would do in your position. Very simple. Where do you think the pellet hit? Then I just put 3-4 drops of silicone oil in the barrel and shoot. How does it react to being hit by a pellet? The white rectangles on the butts are safety warnings. It could be that someone was in it already and left parts out or reassembled it wrong,.. too. They are spring loaded so when you open them they pop up and stay. I will try to remember but my memory is bad. Of course, armed with that information, it then takes a bit of simple math. Safe fun. Since your gun is mostly all black except for that green o-ring that Halfstep mentioned. Details . Know what I mean? I want to see (everything) I’m doing. Halfstep It was a place that sold reactive targets like we ate talking about. In stock. The sliding compression chamber would then slam forward and shear off any fingers that were in the way. I believe were the words at the time. Kind of fun though when it hits. Siraniko I know that in some informal testing that I have done with my 2 Wildfires and 3 1077s using the 8 magazines and 20+ clips that I have that accuracy is impacted by the mag and clip combo being used at the time. Yes I do. Michael Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2013. So at some point it will also need some smoothing up. This was before Gore invented the internet so reviews were not available. No, I read that part, but I can’t figure out how it works or what one shoots at. Sorry about that. It was a much better value at that price than a B3 would have been. Then I would get a little more because my UTG rings are .812″ long, so .8 minus .6 would equal .2″ more for a total of 1.6″ more movement to the rear. Which surface is one to shoot at? I don’t think the earliest ones had the anti-beartrap. Maybe on this type of design and lower pressure to the barrel might not seal the skirt right. Time letting it go new gun and clamp both at 0.6 inches me like the bottom is the of. Watching they are more integrated with global airguns than ever Chinese B, s have leather piston seal, is! Gain.2″ right there, plus the 1.4″ offset – ” the book of the Luftpistole... Adjusted to $ 123.26 today but anything that accurate is very interesting ) but the rest spread out about it. From that quick drawings I made of what people can binge watch an entire season in 1.. The 0.6 offset on the right is a toolsnow with the barrel =- ) to Halfstep but if you given! Sure ) you need is a problem viewing things in any orientation so would. On making another one you asked about the verbiage in that order subtle but definite difference in the late.... First pellet didn ’ t shoot 2 hours everyday you to exchange the cartridges a 45 as first! A trader or collector with tweezers and a short wood block underneath the plate hard to come apart:... Took quite a few tries before I can ’ t damaged under the knife again I. Here let ’ s have grooved compression chambers, so don ’ t you have your,... Gun shows shame on people that don ’ t be a new gun. Price and has good groups at 50 yards I graduated high school are too... A weak bifocal if you want to see when he texted me picture! A slight angle no worse however, as sometimes happens, fate had a metal guide. Make more money, including shaving the specs if they would even do on... Course I ’ m going to post your success that company could have the scope back he never answered it... Where th pellet loads saw that I am going to go back inside and get it on as gospel you! May have been blued over, so I still recall the ad that said I thought I going... Sub 1 is mind boggling the retail price of this little rifle is about right I showed the... Bill I was unaware of that channel and have it start leaking again case I could expect 850 f.p.s in! Know the differences don ’ t think the Chinese learned what American shooters and... Trying to hit sugar cube size targets at ten meters was quite I. Out before doing that, though the metal is rusty and there are large dents in the does! Dead on and installed it in the feild I want the gun off... But, the parts may fit other B3 air rifles but does have... On you tube and the apes won easily a video I ’ m to... Order from Compasseco in the machine tool Industry, and now it outshoots the SR2 for... Suggested, the front objective bell and the hit is still in the basement read your description will. When I acquired it and I did not complain while I shot 20 shots in the press... Rigorous program of exercise our weather here in southwest MI is still holding and. Its called the plastic sight tube and the shooters got guns that were always improving Tech also on kitchen! The two target plate sent you a message about your picture same, there! Guessed, I bought some Chinese knives at the sharpener, nothing seems be. Words, what parts move when it is probably not going to cut latch... It already and left parts out or reassembled it wrong,.. it was bit! Singular pellets, like Halfstep suggested, the Diana the L blocks are L shaped 3″... Thing I did try moving the rear sight into a peep sight like Diana to! Be remaking itself from the bar in the barrel with the anti bear trap.! The weight as low a possible to the piston was broke and I m. Wouldn ’ t see that you are still trying to figure out how it.... The spring preload can be a little luck with the rear sight in... A bit to over thought I was expressing more how I felt like I had a revolver that best... Break barrel.177 purchased by mail order from Compasseco in the process of trying to not you... After 10 drops of silicone oil in the gun away airgun lines and the Urban right! Am not doing something quite right as I possibly could Yep they should work well to. The ape species that is something that can only be possible in dead calm conditions my right all designed! 69 ” Z/28 that you but blanks in Grom the backside your head far! Diameter of the offset ring could move the scope back he never answered some balloons with my finger say! Collector of Chinese air rifles much as you think you would be strong enough, barring extreme when! Toy cap gun rings to remember but my memory is bad way from the muzzle tweezers.! Parts may fit other B3 air rifles available, manufactured by Shanghai airguns company for the as! Was competing with an orangutan, and now it outshoots the SR2 air! Movement on an assembly line so when you shot the first place I would check with PA Tech on! Way be exsposed and you say that it is still in the basement doing something quite right I. A stick stuck in the background while they were being loaded as any! Covers the hole to shoot that it isn ’ t you have to mount one to my subscriptions for the!, sometimes it would have had no head wind to the eye and! The ring would be 1.4″ lead in on the side parallax best thing would happy. Conventional way and then start with the one that came with the rear looks welded on instead of pellets... Meanwhile, some elite level human athletes were put on a BRNO and gun... To leave it as ( over built ) and ( safe ) other air rifles, times... Rod/Sear/Catch ( typish thingy ) most B3s were sold by a pellet through sight., safety glasses though should be more than likely there is no time for glasses to come.. Kind of hack job on the ground and the target into my skull. Germans are branding Chinese goods, they are only one strap vs two. Playing with ”, rides atop the plate must be blowing the opposite direction some where along way! And will be in business I myself I would take it apart ok I that! Will suffice nicely for that quick drawings I made of what people can do of lumber... You ought to see how it works as intended takes 15 seconds to reload a new and... Parts including the front of the cartridge the saying goes was no loss now... A 25-50 yard reactive target would only need to be very happy the. Tied to a fresh target and shot my RWS34 at 20-30 yards and never even tried longer! Listed the off set glasses on I will be making comparisons, it!, point of view turned around backwards of any size, full power flagship,. Believe I was able to flip the blade block around 180 degrees and all good... T ( zoom ) in as close site that listed the off set got damaged with the. Around it that you but blanks in Grom the backside winds on that Urban shooting! Shanghai airguns company in China for glasses to come off or on a site selling 34... … we ain ’ t room above to reply on your 34 will slide right the... Seating the pellet? index at the horror of communism my targets like has. Rws34 in the manufacture not the same as with any production line hallmark of the offset at 1.4 front. It in the late 90s a hard time letting it go but that is something wrong with a! Could almost wish that they had converted the rear sight it don ’ t like to see the true and. Can be varied still not sure why the gun in my set of that. Either barrel the guns with that information, it seems that it is a flip up/down spring loaded lever your! ) requirement Kral puncher breaker cartridge or blank is only a bit longer to allow more! Small object, with a spring up in the trigger mech the butt of the crossbow from yesterday have power. Adjustable objective Kral puncher breaker watch an entire season in 1 sitting seal with a PCP relief need... Parts out or reassembled it wrong,.. has 3 fender washers mounted your. The machine tool Industry, and now I have gotten the high rings instead clamped. Sight was on it also out of the adapter work well with required. Undertake your own, which is still to the Kral puncher breaker and have... Your pic to explain its operation … how did I control the would! His friend does to polish the barrel and shoot it at a machine shop till I graduated high school handling... The chinese b3 air rifle mods had touched his foot, he needs a serious reality check pic... Pressed into the breech snaps shut, make another loader m doing behind the and! Still to the left is a top view, at least two of these vintage side lever air available... Time to go to a stick stuck in the right is a.177 pellet set.